Yemenis rally against US assassination drone attacks

Yemen protest US drones

People have taken to the streets in Yemen’s northern Sa’ada Province to denounce the US assassination drone attacks in their country.

The Yemeni demonstrators on Sunday called on their government to sever its ties with Washington.

The protesters chanted anti-US slogans, condemning the most recent drone attacks which killed three people in Wadi al-Abu Jabara, in the province of Sa’ada earlier in the day.

“The US crime in Wadi al-Abu Jabara is a prelude to American strikes in new areas encouraged by the silence, and complicity of the so-called reconciliation government,” one of the protesters said.

The three victims were killed after a US drone hit three separate targets in Wadi al-Abu Jabara, some 250 kilometers north of Sa’ada.

After the attacks, people of Sa’ada released several statements denouncing the presence of US unmanned planes which have been flying over their country in recent weeks.

Earlier in the week, rockets fired from a US drone killed at least seven people near the southern Yemeni city of Jaar in Abyan Province.

Washington uses its assassination drones in countries including Yemen, Pakistan, etc., claiming that they target the terrorists while the attacks have mostly led to massive civilian casualties.

The United Nations has censured the US drone attacks as targeted killings, stressing that they flout international law.

According to a recent report by Yemen’s National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms, over 300 people have been killed in the US drone attacks carried out in the southern regions of the country since the beginning of the year.