Will small business survive the vaping and e-cigarette market regulations changes?

There’s change on the horizon. In May 2017 new regulations are coming into force affecting the e-cigarettes market. Any business producing or selling vaping products and accessories must comply with the new regulations, or face fines.

A lot of vaping companies are already adapting and have been preparing for next year, but any who haven’t will be in for a shock. Some smaller sellers who may not be aware of the new regulations will see unexpected changes in the spring.

We’ve created an overview of what is changing to make it easy to digest. Any business owner in this industry needs to act fast to comply, if they don’t the companies who have already adapted will swallow up their businesses and steal their customers away.

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These regulations are:

Refill containers aren’t allowed to exceed 10ml.

Only smaller packaging will be allowed. Businesses need to adapt to only produce up to 10ml bottles, meaning their packaging costs could increase.

The maximum nicotine strength will be 20mg

For some customers this will be a big problem, they won’t be able to buy the strength that they’re used to. Will this mean they’ll go back to conventional cigarettes?

Some consumers mix their own refills to produce a very high strength concentrate. From May 2017 they’ll only be able to buy bottles with a maximum size of 10ml and a strength of 20mg. For the niche stores selling high strength nicotine this will be a major issue unless they find a way to adapt, fast.

Tank capacities for vapes will be limited to 2ml

Many customers use large tank vapes which need refilling less often. They are a popular choice as they are less hassle to use regularly. Now that only small tanks will be allowed the companies selling high capacity tank products could be put out of service.

Packaging requirements, product approvals, data reporting and customer notifications

Registering a new vape flavour will require registration for any variation, including strength or flavour changes. This will create new costs for producers who will have to find a way to claw back those costs, most likely increasing the price of the product to the end user.

Non-compliance of these regulations could result in heavy fines. The vaping industry is about to be shaken up.

One of the ways that a company in the e-cigarette industry can make it easier for themselves is to build a customer following now so that they are ready to weather the storm. To do this they need to find ways of effectively marketing their business and products by using services provided by businesses such as eventige.

It’s been seen in this industry that outsourcing branding and marketing to a reputable, experienced company can greatly increase customers and sales. Businesses who invest in large scale ad campaigns that are well managed have more chance of surviving during the regulation changes.