What You Don’t Know About Trump and His Alleged Collusion with Russian Hackers

Open one of those scam emails that ends up in the spam folder of your email inbox and it’s likely to either have come from the US, Russia, China or Vietnam.

There is an alleged special breed of hacker hailing from Russia that has created many of the nastiest phishing email scams, trojan viruses, and malware that the world has seen.

While graduates of Maryville University may have taken courses on ethical hacking while pursuing an online MSSD degree, there isn’t much of a visible platform for committing computer and internet based crimes in the U.S. To most people, the Dark Web is a very scary place that isn’t a place they would be comfortable exploring at all.

The fact the U.S. government is investigating whether or not hackers based in Russia impacted the 2016 election means that it is highly likely that something occurred. Instead of working from rumors, here’s what is actually known.

Hacking Occurred on An International Level

Despite the fact that the world was watching the U.S. elections intently in 2016, there was other political action taking place all across the globe. As such, it appears that Russian based hackers were busy in other countries where they had a political interest. For example, it is believed that both the Ukraine and Syria were targeted by hackers in Russia as well. Thousands of individuals with ties back to Russia in some form in another were either hacked, had emails compromised or had vital information about themselves leaked on the web. That means that the U.S. election was only one element in a larger hacking scheme.

Certain U.S. States Were Hit Harder Than Others

Officials know that there were issues at the polls in several U.S. states on November 7th, 2016, but they haven’t come up with an explanation of how or why this occurred. Why would someone who was a registered voter suddenly find that he or she was ineligible to vote, or worse, that a vote had already been cast on his or her behalf on one of the most important days in history? It is firmly believed that Russian hackers were able to infiltrate the security systems of some U.S. polling places, but it looks like they specifically went after locations where they thought they would go unnoticed. In several small counties in Arizona, North Carolina, and Virginia, polling locations either had equipment that malfunctioned or ballot tallies that were inaccurate. What is telling is the fact that Virginia and Arizona were two of the most heavily watched swing state during this past election.

Officials Were Aware That There Were Issues Before the Election

Employees of the government with a masters in software development knew that there was suspicious hacking activity coming from Russia prior to the election. While most believed that there were sufficient protections in place to keep hackers out, it is looking more and more like there was a major breach. If the threat had been taken more seriously U.S. polling places may not have been affected.

Data was breached by hackers during the 2016 presidential election, but the origin of the cyber-attack hasn’t been verified by officials. There’s a huge investigation taking place, but the sitting president doesn’t seem to think that there is anything for citizens to be worried about. Hopefully changes will be made security wise so that the next presidential election isn’t influenced by hackers of any national origin.