What Does the Future of Mobile Gaming Look Like?

Mobile phone technology has come a long way. It feels like it was just a few years ago that we were rocking giant plastic bricks that couldn’t really do much aside from what they were intended for. Fast forward a few years into the future and the only thing modern mobile devices retained from their predecessors, apart from the way they operate, is the general shape.

Today’s devices come with extremely fast processors and enough RAM to rival some older generations of desktop computers. Naturally, that much processing power is used for much more than just phone calls and text messages. There are countless things your smartphone can do nowadays. However, one of the most entertaining things for all of us are games.

Poke a Bush, a Snake Comes Out

If you’re old enough, you will most likely remember Snake — the game that started it all. Albeit relatively simple in nature, it was tremendously entertaining and it popularised mobile gaming. Before we knew it, mobile phone companies started developing software and hardware that gave us enough processing power to support the newest video games, and there were plenty of them to choose from.

However, it wasn’t after the invention of the Android operating system and its Google Play Store as well as iOS and the App Store, that mobile gaming has boomed. The number of apps you could download continuously got bigger and bigger; today, there are thousands of games you can download with a few taps on your screen.

Big Boys Wanted in as Well

The majority of early games were made by individuals or small companies. However, eventually, some of the largest video game companies realised the potential and decided that they would like a piece of the pie.

According to a report by a prominent video game developer Activision Blizzard, gaming is estimated to generate $148.1 billion in revenue in 2019, while half of that can be credited to mobile. Is it really all that surprising, though, considering there are almost 2.5 billion mobile gamers across the globe?

However, video game companies weren’t the only ones that decided to profit. Reputable hardware companies such as ASUS and Razer, for example, produce mobile phones that are designed to cater exclusively to the needs of mobile phone gamers.

You Don’t Need a DeLorean to See Where This Is Going

Frankly, it is fascinating how technology works. As one branch of technology advances, it concurrently affects all the others. Naturally, that applies to the mobile phone industry as well.

As it improves, we get to play mobile games that are more and more demanding. Racing games, sports, MOBAs, and even casino games are on the menu. Did you know that with a click of a button you can play bitcoin live dealer games?

This is important in the world of mobile gaming not because you can earn money while playing casino games, everyone knows that, but because it combines the best of two worlds — advanced mobile phone games and the newest form of virtual currency. It is an excellent example of how other technologies affect mobile gaming and vice versa.

Moreover, it is a testament to the popularity of mobile gaming since now casino and video game developers, as well as hardware developers, all agree that there is huge potential.

Gadgets and Bling for Your Mobile Phones

You can buy fancy gadgets for your desktop computer or laptop, so why not for your mobile phone as well?

There are many gadgets you can buy for your mobile phone nowadays: Bluetooth headphones, camera lenses for photography fans, phone cases, wireless charges, etc. The list is only limited by your imagination. However, the ones we care about most are gadgets that turn mobile phones into devices that mean business when it comes to gaming.

One of the best inventions so far is the gaming controller for your mobile phone. Some of these are plugged via USB port on your phone, while you clamp others on top and bottom of your phone and use it like the old-school and ever-so-popular Nintendo Gameboy. The innovation didn’t stop there, though, as you can even buy virtual headsets. Simply connect them to your mobile phone, download the app that works in VR and you’ll be good to go.


Mobile phones represent the link between multiple different industries in the world of technology. As those different industries improved during the past several years, so did mobile technology. Granted, mobile phones are not as fast as computers, nor they have cameras that are better than professional ones, but they are narrowing the gap by the day. As you can see, multiple companies are interested in mobile gaming, so one thing’s for certain — there’s a bright future ahead.