Western media caught trying to frame Putin over flight MH17

Is Western media trying to frame Putin and destroy his presidency? 

Mainstream media in western countries have rushed to blame Russia and pro Russia Separatists for the missile shot on MH17 flying over Ukraine on Thursday.

However, at this stage there is not enough evidence to support either claims.

The video below reveals another perspective that balances out the mainstream media bias:

Founder and leader of 21st Century Australia, Jamie McIntyre shares his views regarding the media coverage of this issue:

Western media is attempting to use the Malaysia Airways disaster to destroy Putin’s Presidency. The media is trying to lay blame at his feet despite little evidence that suggests Russia would order such an attack. This rhetoric is not only deceptive but also dangerous.

Do you have to be a psychic to know exactly what will predictably happen with the Malaysia Airlines MH17 tragedy?

The US and its allies with the assistance of NewsCorp and other complicit media will frame Russia to turn a tragic event into a political one hoping to topple Putin and increase sanctions on them by spreading lies and false information.

It already has occurred even in the Australian media over the weekend. Actually, when you know their plan you can watch exactly how they attempt to deceive, mislead and manipulate the public.

When will we take a stand against the lies and manipulation being used over such a tragic event just like it was used over Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and countless other war mongering events?

The world needs citizens with eyes wide open. There should be healthy debate about the facts and strong pressure on media that has complicit agendas to work with the state to serve its ruthless agendas that don’t respect human life.

Jamie McIntyre

Australian entrepreneur and activist Jamie McIntyre

Reading the Australian newspapers today was a joke particularly if you consider how biased, false and deceptively misleading they were, especially NewsCorp papers. Their reports suggested theories such as “intercepted voice messages talking about the attack showed they had strong Russian accents”.  They use such words to convince people that the Russians were behind the attack. However, Russian accents would be the norm in that region.

These reports go on to suggest more ideas such as:

“Drunken rebel soldiers add insult to victims by attempting to block the investigation site” despite them controlling that region, which would mean they are expected to be guarding the site and determining who has access or not. Moreover, why are they labeled “rebels”? Is it just because they support the former Ukraine Government and not the one US put in place recently? And why are they called Russian when they are Ukrainian, unless one wants to frame Russia?

Check out this video where a Dutch forensics expert says he was impressed with the work done at the site of the MH17 airliner crash in Ukraine.

Peter Van Vliet said: “I think they did a hell of a job in a hell of a place”.

One must question the strong agenda being pushed by western media and why they feel the need to mislead the masses and turn the anger from a tragic event into achieving political outcomes such as the toppling of Putin because that is what America wants.

We all need to stand up for truth and honesty and question mainstream media and call them out and embarrass them when they play loosely with the truth and dish up such strong bias. Unfortunately those with busy lives often don’t have the time to check facts and they wrongly vent their anger in the direction they are being manipulated to.

Why do Washington and the western media feel they need to lay blame on Russia and Putin despite no evidence at this point?

Is the Russian Government laying blame on anyone so quickly or is it rather doing the correct thing and waiting to see what evidence is found to figure out who did this and whether or not it was a mistake or a deliberate attack?

Are Australian news outlets following a script from Washington or do they just follow the US media and frame Russia based on the leading stories coming from the US?

If Russia is behind the attacks one must question:

Why accuse them before any evidence has surfaced?

Secondly, how would Russia benefit from attacking a commercial jet?

Thirdly why is the media using the Ukrainian government’s allegations regarding the incident? The Ukrainian government says the Russian rebels did it, when it is obvious that the Ukrainian government is hardly a credible, non-bias source of information considering they would happily blame their opponents, which any quality journalist would have to add disclaimers for or at least point out for a balanced and fair article.

If the western media was interested in the truth, why not report facts and not lay blame until any evidence is found?

A complicit western media using deception and poor reporting to frame Russia should make us all ask- why?

Is there more to this event than we are aware of?

Is it in fact not a terrible mistake of a commercial airline being accidentally shot down over a war zone?

Who has the most to gain from such an event?


Definitely not.

They would have the most to lose by attacking or supporting such an attack.

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

What would they possibly have to gain?

The Russian Rebels?

They also have the most to lose.

They may have accidentally shot the plane down but to deliberately target a commercial airliner would not further their cause but destroy it instead.

So who can gain the most from such an attack?

The newly formed Ukrainian Government the US put in place after destabilizing Ukraine to gain control from Russia?

In fact they have the most to gain by firing at a jet and then laying blame on the Russian rebels. Moreover, they also have the most weaponry and ability to achieve such a strike.

Can the US gain anything from this attack?

They also have a lot to gain, as it will enable them to blame Russia and achieve their planned outcomes against the country i.e. increased sanctions and increased isolation. Moreover, they will be able to try and remove the massive gas profits Russia makes from selling gas to Europe via Ukraine.

It is certainly not the first time a commercial airliner has been shot down either accidentally or deliberately.

Either way we may never know who fired at the plane and whether or not it was a deliberate attack for political gain.

What we do know is that Washington and the western media are working overtime to deceive and mislead the public and garner as much anger from the tragedy in order to have the less informed vent towards Putin.

We all must ask ourselves- why?

Perhaps our former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser was correct in his book “Dangerous Allies” regarding the United States and its dangerous war mongering practices.

Do we need to re think the cost of our relationship with the US and perhaps start to behave like an independent country that can think and speak for itself and show a little bit more leadership rather than being a US lapdog? We need to think in a way that is best for our long-term interest.

Source: http://www.21stcenturynews.com.au/western-media-frame-putin-destroy-presidency/