Well-Known Gambling Games of All Time

Ever since the old age, gambling has been a part of the lives of the people. This is a good practice to relax, unwind, and experience some thrill and excitement as the participants take a break from their working lives.

Although overall it has been negated and tagged as illegal for some countries, people can’t deny the fact that the risk and euphoria it brings is nothing to be compared to.

Through the years, the industry of gambling has been prospering. Various high-end establishments were built all over the world and the internet is swarming with different online casinos and betting sites. The number of games has also increased with the creation of different variants and versions of each game; this then results to accommodate a larger crowd.

As such, below are some of the most popular gambling games every played and practiced in casinos and other gambling institutions. These games have served millions of players and continue to be favored by thousands of fans over the years.   


Baccarat is one of the famous gambling games originated in Asia – in particular, it came from China. Although this has a lot of variations, generally, baccarat involves the comparison of cards between the participants who take the role of the banker and the player. To win, the participants must bet on the individual they think has a hand closest to the sum of nine; the participants just simply add the values of the cards drawn to them for each coup.

Baccarat is one of the most popular games in land-based casinos and online betting sites like joker123. Because of its easy-to-understand mechanics, it has gained millions of supporters over the years.


Another famous Asian game, Mahjong is one of the oldest gambling activities ever created. Unlike the other games, this uses tiles as its main equipment and follows a mechanic just as similar to Tong-its – players must beat the other individuals by creating their highest hand and fully having their set drawn. This requires some risks, a good strategy, and a little of mathematics.

With the same old rules and directrix, gambling in this game is nothing new, yet they can grow because of it. The majority of the traditional Asian casinos profit greatly from the private events and matches of this game.  


Amongst all the gambling games, poker is the most famous one. This has created its name within the Hollywood films, established its reputation in gambling houses, and bringing new fame in betting sites like joker123. A card game that involves strategy, risk, and bluffing, poker only requires a 52-card deck and a table large enough to accommodate 4 individuals. Generally, the players just have to defend their money or win the jackpot or pot value by deciding on what fate their given hands bring; the higher the combination of their hand be, the better advantage they could have. The participating individuals can also decide on whether to hold, call, or raise their bets.