US continues to cover up Israeli attack on USS Liberty

International lawyer Franklin Lamb describes as “classic cover-up” the United States’ refusal to shed light on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty ship 45 years ago.

“The survivors who have followed this story and published ample material over the last 45 years know this subject best and I think their accounts are very credible. It’s a cover up – a classic cover up that betrays the American people,” Mr Lamb, based in Beirut, told Press TV in an interview.

“There is plenty of evidence that is classified that needs to be released and then let the facts follow where they may and then let the American public make the judgment on this issue,” he said.

During the 1967 Six-Day War, Israeli forces launched an attack on Syria, Egypt, Jordan and the rest of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and occupied vast swathes of the Palestinian, Syrian and Egyptian territories.

The United States dispatched the USS Liberty to spy on the communications of all parties engaged in the war.
Israeli combined air and sea attack killed 34 crewmembers, wounded 170 others, and severely damaged the ship. The ambiguities revolving around the incident have yet to be removed.

“But again, the evidence, and the best evidence is the accounts of the survivors and other analysts make it pretty plain that it was intended by the Zionists to present to the Americans, to present to President Johnson, evidence that in fact Egypt had attacked that ship,” Mr Lamb said.

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