UN prepares to vote on Palestinian status

United Nations General AssemblyThe UN General Assembly is due to vote on Palestine’s status upgrade to a non-member observer state. Many UN members have thrown their support behind the resolution, while the US branded it as counterproductive to the Israel-Palestine peace effort.

The Palestine Authority expects broad support of the enhanced status amongst the international community, with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is claiming more than 130 countries now grant the Palestinians the rank of a sovereign state.

The new title would allow Palestine access to the International Criminal Court, something that Israel is bitterly opposed to, fearing a possible investigation into war crimes committed by the Jewish state. Additionally, it is concerned that the Palestinian Authority may pursue this avenue to reclaim occupied territories.

EU countries that have shown their support for the bid include Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

More than a dozen key European countries have already voiced their support in favor of the status upgrade that will put Palestine one step closer to its final goal of full statehood. Germany has said it is “very certain that Germany will not vote for such a resolution,” while the UK stated it will only vote in favor of Palestine if it immediately returns to negotiations with Israel, heralding a possible abstention.

Palestinian Authority spokesman, Anan Ashrawi hailed the support of major EU countries as a “historical turning point and opportunity for the world to rectify a grave historical injustice that the Palestinians have undergone since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.”

The US strongly opposes the resolution and has threatened that there will be significant consequences should it go through. They say the move is counterproductive and Palestine seeks to sidestep peace negotiations with Israel in its quest for statehood.

“The path to a two-state solution that fulfills the aspirations of the Palestinian people is through Jerusalem and Ramallah, not New York,” said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday. “The only way to get a lasting solution is to commence direct negotiations.”

Washington has warned Palestine that persisting in its statehood ambitions will affect much-needed US monetary aid.
Israel has expressed its “disappointment” at the announcement of some European countries to support the Palestinian bid.

‘‘The United Nations General Assembly will pass a one-sided anti-Israel resolution that should come as a surprise to nobody, and certainly not to anyone in Israel,” said Mark Regev, an Israeli government spokesperson. He dismissed the UN as a “diplomatic theater” that has no influence on “the realities on the ground.”

Separately, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “there is no power in the world that can force Israel to compromise on its security.”

“Game changer”

Activist and filmmaker Harry Fear told RT that a positive vote would have serious significance for the region in that it will allow “Palestinians to challenge Israeli war crimes committed in Gaza.”

Moreover, he referenced the case of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat whom many Palestinians believe was assassinated 8 years ago by Israel. If they are granted the enhanced status the Palestinian Authority will take the case to the International Criminal Court, said Mr. Fear.

Elaborating on the consequences of a negative vote, he said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be “seen as even weaker as a Palestinian representative and Hamas will be further strengthened, to the dismay of Israel and the US.”

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Source: http://rt.com/news/palestinian-bid-un-vote-857/