Ukraine ‘ready for attacks inside Russia’

A Ukrainian lawmaker, who is also the leader of a volunteer battalion, says brigades like his are ready to “intrude” into Russia to carry out attacks on Russian territory.

Yuri Bereza, the leader of the Dnepr-1 battalion, made the remarks during a televised interview with a Ukrainian broadcaster.

“Today, we are ready not just to defend [Ukraine], but to invade the Russian Federation, break into it with reconnaissance detachments and sabotage groups,” said Bereza.

The Ukrainian MP also spoke about conducting bomb attacks inside Russia before he was cut off by the host of the program.

Yuri Bereza

Yuri Bereza, a Ukrainian lawmaker and leader of volunteer battalion Dnepr-1.

Bereza’s volunteer battalion is one of the dozens of brigades set up this year by pro-EU protesters and members of right-wing party Right Sector following the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych.

The battalions have been fighting along with Kiev’s government forces against the pro-Russia forces in the country’s restive eastern regions and have been accused of using fierce tactics.

The United Nations (UN) recently released a report on the human rights situation in Ukraine, accusing the volunteer battalions of violating international humanitarian laws.

Ukraine, along with Western powers, accuses Russia of having a hand in the Ukrainian crisis, but Moscow denies the allegation.

Ukraine’s mainly Russian-speaking eastern regions have witnessed deadly clashes between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russia protesters after the Kiev government launched military operations in mid-April in a bid to crush protests.

According to latest figures by the UN, more than 4,000 people have been killed and around 10,000 others injured in the fighting.

Ukraine army