Types of Digital Marketing

Everything these days is now happening on a digital platform.

That is why there is the need to continuously educate people about digital marketing and why it is important.

As we all know that the world is rapidly moving towards a paperless general, where everything that we need will be available in electronic format.

And as we are already on our way there, allow us to give a few types of digital marketing that can help you to improve your name and your brand.

Different Types of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process whereby you grow your online visibility by means of organic methods. It is by the use of these methods that digital marketers strive to make it to the first page of results on search engines.

To get to the first page, marketers need to have done a comprehensive keyword research and other means. Take for instance when trying to get market a certain online slots you need to use the name of the game, as well as images that show the game.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing or SEM is another type of digital marketing. While SEO is organic, with SEM they deal with paid traffic.

A digital marketer will purchase an advert to appear on the results page. Such platforms include Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

The search engine will charge the marketer a certain fee for their work to appear on the page in line with specific keywords or key phrases.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing takes advantage of the trend of the day or week. Marketers take advantage of the trending phrase of the day and use it to direct traffic to their site unlike the above mentioned, for example if the keyword “ online horse racing betting” most of the betting site will use the keyword. viral marketing is not constant.

This is because as soon as the phrase dies out, so does the traffic that comes with it. However, viral marketing can also generate a large amount of traffic to your site within just a short period of time.