Top 12 trends for 2012

Gerald Celente 2012Gerald Celente, the man considered by many as the world’s best trends forecaster. Born 1946 in the Bronx, New York, this black belt martial artist punches at the top of his field as undisputed champion in the trends forecasting world.

The purpose of trends forecasting is to provide insights and directions in anticipation of what the future may bring and be prepared for the unexpected.

Founder of The Trends Research Institute in 1980, Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist. His record is second to none when it comes to accuracy and detail. His trends journal is subscribed to by the elite of the world in every corner of the globe, such is his reputation in the industry.

He has accurately predicted many trends well ahead of time but best of all, Gerald tells it like it is without any sugar coating. As George Orwell penned in the classic book 1984: “In a time of universal deceit, tell the truth is a revolutionary act.”

As more and more people turn away from corporate run mainstream media in search of the truth people like Gerald Celente are gaining a cult following, looking at the trends he’s predicted in the past it’s easy to see why. He’s gone against the grain of what most the teleprompter readers on mainstream media tells us and has come out on top just about every single time.

I’m pleased to say Gerald has now turned his back on the corporate whore mainstream media and declines their invitations. As Gerald says, he refuses to support a corrupt system. Now only appearing on shows like RT, Alex Jones Show, GoldSilver radio and He talks the talk and walks the walk.

“When the money stops flowing to the man down on the street, the blood starts flowing in the street.” ~ Gerald Celente

Anyways enough about the past, let’s look to the future and see what Gerald and his crew at the Trends Research Institute predict we have coming our way.

Gerald Celente 2012

Top 12 trends for 2012: 

1. Economic Martial Law:

Given the current economic and geopolitical conditions, the central banks and world governments already have plans in place to declare Economic Martial Law … with the possibility of military martial law to follow. …

With laws like the NDAA being passed by Obama on new years eve giving the government the right to indefinitely detain US citizens without a trial or reason, kidnap, torture and even kill them without needing to ever report on it or let anyone know. It also declares America a battleground that military is allowed on the streets, overwriting habeas corpus and posse comitatus. Leaked emails also show FEMA camps are being manned, martial law is on its way.

2. Battlefield America:

With a stroke of the Presidential pen, language was removed from an earlier version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), granting el Presidente authority to act as judge, jury and executioner. Citizens, welcome to “Battlefield America.” …

TSA now at airports, road checkpoints, football games. The military starting to do minor security at public events. It’s a frog boiling in the pot slowly. Could this be the start of another civil war or revolution in America? The “war on terror” was nothing but a power grab on people’s freedom. The staged 9/11 attacks were a pretence to bring in this fascist draconian system known as the New World Order.

3. Invasion of the Occtupy:

15 years ago, Gerald Celente predicted in his book Trends 2000 that prolonged protests would hit Wall Street in the early years of the new millennium and would spread nationwide. The “Occtupy” is now upon us, and it is like nothing history has ever witnessed. …

We are seeing people take to the streets all over the world as they say “we’re mad as well and we’re not taking it anymore”. Celente calls the global Occupy movement “Occtupy” for is has tentacles reaching all over the world, there is no defined leader nor just one message. So far the protests on the major part have been peaceful, this may well change in time as the system tries to clamp down on the people. The laws being passed seem to suggest that the system is anticipating a big event, likely to be the collapse of the global economic monetary system.

occupy earth

4. Climax Time:

The financial house of cards is collapsing. In 2012, many of the long-simmering socioeconomic and geopolitical trends that Gerald Celente has been accurately forecasting will come to a climax. Some will arrive with a big bang and others less dramatically … but no less consequentially. What’s next for the world? Are you prepared? …

Where the Mayan’s right? Is 2012, the end of a 26,000 cycle of the cosmos, the dawning of a new age? I guess it’s up to the people, as Gerald says: “If you want change, start by changing yourself.” This mimics the wise words of Ghandi: “Be the change you want to see.”  You can feel that there is something brewing globally, one thing is for sure, things are soon going to start changing in a major way, particularly economically. We will either enter great evolution and enlightenment or slip into a dark tyranny; time will tell how this one plays out.

5. Technocrat Takeover:

“Democracy is Dead; Long Live the Technocrat!” A pair of financial coup d’états in Greece and Italy have installed two unelected figures as head of state. No one yet in the mainstream media is calling this merger of state and corporate powers by its proper name: Fascism, nor are they calling these “technocrats” by their proper name: Bankers! Can a rudderless ship be saved because a technocrat is at the helm? …

A handful of banking families run the world with their lower level minions doing their dirty work, it’s that simple.

6. Repatriate! Repatriate!:

It took a small, but financially and politically powerful group to sell the world on globalization, and it will take a large, committed and coordinated citizens’ movement to “un-sell” it. The “Repatriate! Repatriate!” trend will pit the creative instincts of a multitude of individuals against the repressive monopoly of the multinationals. …

In short: buy local and buy quality. Stop buying from large corrupt corporations. They are over leveraged in every sense of the word, your purchasing $ has more power than you think.

7. Secession Obsession:

Winds of political change are blowing from Tunisia to Russia and everywhere in between, opening a window of opportunity through which previously unimaginable political options may now be considered: radical decentralization, Internet-based direct democracy, secession, and even the peaceful dissolution of nations (a “Genteel Revolution”), offering the possibility for a new world “disorder.” …

Whilst the New World Order elite wish to centralise their power on humanity the obvious remedy for the people of the world is to decentralise power and control. Walk away from their system. As David Icke says: “their system relies on our compliance”.

8. Safe Havens:

As the signs of imminent economic and social collapse become more pronounced, legions of New Millennium Survivalists are, or will be, thinking about looking for ways to escape the resulting turmoil.The “on-trend” have already taken measure to implement Gerald Celente’s 3Gs: Gold, Guns and a Getaway plan. Where to go? What to do? “Safe Havens” will guide the way. …

Gun sales under Obama have hit all time highs. Many manufactures selling out and having waiting lists months long. The elite are all moving offshore out of America into rural areas, what does that tell you? With the imminent collapse of the fiat debt based currency ponzi scheme world wide people will look to preserve wealth in proven monetary assets: physical gold and silver.

9. Big Brother Internet:

The coming year will be the beginning of the end of Internet Freedom: a battle between the governments and the people. We predict in 2012 governments will propose legislation requiring Internet users to present the equivalent of a driver’s license and/or bill of health to navigate cyberspace. For the general population it will represent yet another curtailing of freedom and level of governmental control. …

We’ve seen the establishment go for a massive power grab to control the internet. With laws like ACTA, SOPAPIPA and now CISPA being pushed….however the people across the world have rallied in unison to combat these draconian laws. Watch for false flag attacks under the premise of groups like “anonymous” or release of a Israeli/US virus like Stuxnet which the government will turn around and say “we need power over the internet to stop this happening.” France is looking to pass laws where people can be jailed just for looking at extremist websites, Arizona just passed a law where offensive language on the internet is now a crime. As people turn away from mainstream TV and newspapers in search of the truth online watch as the establishment tries to introduce laws to control our reality once more. Interesting to note that all the CEO’s of social networking: google, facebook, etc all attended the Bilderberg Group meeting a few years back. 

10. Direct vs Faux Democracy:

In every corner of the world, a restive populace has made it clear that it’s disgusted with “politics as usual” and is looking for change. Government, in all its forms – democracy, autocracy, monarchy, socialism, communism – just isn’t working. The only viable solution we foresee is to take the vote out of the hands of party politicians and institute Direct Democracy. If the Swiss can do it, why can’t anyone else? …

Whilst Direct Democracy as proposed by Gerald Celente might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s much better than this false democracy we have now. The Swiss vote on issues: if the politicians want to go to war, the people vote; if the government wants to introduce a major law, the people vote. Rule by majority isn’t perfect but the Swiss have one of the highest standards of living in the world, you can’t argue the facts.

11. Alternative Energy 2012:

After decades of lofty promises and trillions spent to bring clean, cost effective, sustainable alternative energy to market, the bright future envisaged has not lived up to expectations. In the near-term future, we’ll be relying on conventional energy sources that now are undergoing their own technological transformations. We identify them in the Trends Journal. …

Much emphasis has recently been put on Solar, Thorium, FusionTorus drive based devices and people learning about Tesla having already created free electricity decades ago we are seeing the beginnings of what could be a real game changer for humanity. While the oligarchs in control wish to continue to sell you oil, coal and nuclear power for their own profiteering, watch out for a break through in the energy sector that could transform humanity, especially in the third world. Nikola Tesla said it best: “Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the universe. It is a mere question of time when man will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.”

12. Going out in style:

In the bleak terrain of 2012 and beyond, “Affordable Sophistication” will direct and inspire products, fashion, music, the fine arts and entertainment at all levels. US businesses would be wise to wake up and tap into the dormant desire for old time quality and the America that was. …

Gerald talks about people giving themselves the respect they deserve. When you are confident and feel in control, you cannot be controlled.

“When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose , they lose it.” ~ Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente predicts panic of  ’08:

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