Tony Blair ‘could still face Iraq war crimes charges’ parliament told

Tony Blair could face war crime charges when the Chilcot report into Iraq is published, Parliament has been told.

Lib Dem peer Lord Dykes slammed the four-year delay in publishing the report as a disgrace and said: “More and more people think it is some kind of attempt to prolong the agony for Mr Blair facing possible war crime charges.”

Peers queued up in the House of Lords to vent their fury over the long delay in compiling the report.

Tory Lord Hurd, who was the Foreign Secretary from 1989 until 1995, said: “It is becoming a scandal.

“This is not something of trivial importance.

It is something to which a large number of people in this country look anxiously for truth.

“Isn’t it time the Government exerted itself to make sure their reasonable demand is met?”

Government Minister Lord Wallace insisted the report was close but warned unless it was presented by next month, it would not be published before May 7’s general election.

The judge-led inquiry was ordered by Gordon Brown in 2009 and was expected in 18 months.

But a row erupted over publishing correspondence between Mr Blair and US President George W Bush from the time of the 2003 war.

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