This is it! Help defeat GMOs and Monsanto at the ballot box

yes prop 37

It’s coming down to the wire on Proposition 37. After weeks of spending a million dollars a day broadcast outright lies, the Monsanto funded “No on 37” campaign has managed to crush the early lead of the YES campaign, making the ballot measure a very close race.

If you live in California, your YES vote on Proposition 37 is urgently needed, or the GMO labeling ballot measure may not pass at all.

The NO on 37 campaign, funded by the six largest pesticide manufacturers in the world, has relied on some of the nastiest dirty tricks ever witnessed in any campaign. For starters, they have committed a felony crime by impersonating the FDA and fabricating a quote from the FDA which was used on mailers designed to misinform voters. This criminal activity is precisely the kind of thing these chemical poisoners frequently resort to in order to maintain their “dirty little secret” of toxic GMOs hidden in your food.

Their behavior is not surprising. They’re corporate criminals, after all. In a story published on October 26th, I predicted the No on 37 campaign would “do anything to steal the election,” including committing crimes as they have now done. These criminals will stop at nothing to keep GMOs hidden from the public. I wouldn’t put it past them to try all sorts of criminal behavior at the voting booth, too.

They’ve even published a hit piece on Dr. Mercola, the largest financial contributor to the YES on 37 campaign. The hit piece was, of course, completely fabricated and full of lies, just like the entire NO on 37 campaign ads.

The corporate mafia

The Monsanto-led group of criminals running the NO on 37 campaign believe they are above the law. They operate as a criminal mafia, violating federal law, spreading lies, inventing fabricated quotes… doing absolutely anything they want! Even if they are slapped with fines on some of this, they can easily afford the fines because they’re backed by multi-billion-dollar corporations of mass death that have plenty of money set aside to pay off just about anyone.

The New York Times, meanwhile, has been engaged in its own campaign of lies and disinformation about GMOs, blatantly selling out to Monsanto and the biotech industry through the efforts of a particularly nasty rag journalist named Stephanie Strom.

On a conference call which I personally witnessed, this wretched, sniveling NYT reporter accused the YES on 37 campaign of violating the law by exposing the criminal fabrication of quotes by the NO on 37 campaign! Yep, according to Stephanie Strom, the “YES on 37” people are criminals for blowing the whistle on the actual criminals!

That’s how insane the New York Times is. And other mainstream media newspapers jumped in on the same bandwagon, accusing the YES on 37 campaign of doing something absolutely terrible because they filed a criminal complaint with the FBI.

See, that’s the new America: The corporate criminals get away with anything, and since they’ve bought off the presstitutes, the media writes glowing articles about them even as they’re murdering humanity. But anyone who blows the whistle on that criminality and destruction is immediately branded a kook by the sellout media.

This is why your YES vote on Proposition 37 is a victory against corporate domination, a victory against mainstream media lies, and a victory for truth in labeling. It’s a victory for the People, and that’s why every vote counts on this issue.

Check out the chart: Corporate charlatans versus organic heroes

Click here to view the chart you need to see on all this.

From, the chart shows which evil corporations and food brands have given money to defeat the GMO labeling bill. It also shows which organizations have given the most money in support of Proposition 37. Those “hero” brands include Nutiva, Nature’s Path, Dr. Bronner, Amy’s, CLIF bar, Eden Organics and others.

Natural News recently donated $10,000 to the effort, but it’s all a drop in the bucket compared to the $41 million raised by a cabal of the most evil corporations on the planet: Monsanto, DuPont, Dow Chemical, Bayer, BASF, and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

Food companies that funneled money into defeating Proposition 37 include Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Kellogg, General Mills, Kraft, Unilever, Dean Foods, Smucker, ConAgra, Abbott and of course Monsanto. In doing so, these companies have betrayed humanity. You should never buy their products again.

This is like the who’s who of the most evil, destructive, disease-promoting and life-crushing corporations that have ever existed. If all of these corporations ceased to exist tomorrow, the world would be a far better place as a result, with less disease, healthier populations and vastly reduced environmental destruction.

But they have the money to sway elections, you see, and that’s what we’re facing right now: Proposition 37 simply will not pass unless YES supporters vote in large numbers. Everything is at stake right now. So grab a friend or two, educate them about GMOs and food labeling, and get them to the polls to vote.

Even if they vote on nothing else, Proposition 37 is reason enough to get to the polls. Vote YES on 37 and help end the GMO deception!