The world according to the global power brokers

World Economic Forum

When the World Economic Forum released its 2013 Global Risks Report earlier this year, it included an interesting array of proposals which should raise eyebrows and be taken very seriously.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) used risk management exercises to address many of the challenges that we all know about – growing social and political violence, the West’s on-going financial collapse, food and water shortages, and the Elite’s all-time favorite “global terrorism”.

However, they also worked out “proposals for government” and some rather uncanny “X Factors” which, coming as they do from one of the global powers favorite think-tanks, we would do well to read between the lines.

As German playwright Johann W. Goethe once remarked, “coming events cast their shadows forwards”. This is particularly true when those shadows are cast by global power brokers in a position to drive and control those coming events, according to their hearts’ desire, and here we are talking about the World Economic Forum (WEF), founded in 1971. Chaired by Klaus Schwab, who sits on David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, means he has direct access to the families of Rockefeller, Bush, Soros, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Rothschild, Lazard, Harriman, Montbatten, Warburg, Schiff, Borbón, and Orange.


Author Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski

Indeed, it is from behind these curtains that the global elite are planning to impose a world government on all mankind; by designing, planning, and executing the macro-changes that they need to impose upon all countries – each according to need and in their due time – as the process of privatizing global power rams forwards on a global scale.

Two interesting issues are being highlighted by the elite through the WEF: the re-engineering of national governments, and the introduction of so-called “X Factors” into the collective psyche.

The future of government

Subtitled “Lessons Learned from around the World; Global Agenda Council on the Future of Government”, this WEF piece written in 2011 echoes the Council on Foreign Relations academic, Richard Gardner’s seminal essay written almost forty years ago on the “hard road to the new world order”, where he recommended sovereign Nation-states should be eroded “piece by piece”.

This Report urges governments to “align to the future by adapting and continuously evolving to create value”, adding that governments “need to stay relevant by being responsive to rapidly changing conditions and citizens’ expectations, and build capacity to operate effectively in complex, interdependent networks of organizations and systems across the public, private and non-profit sectors to co-produce public value.”

It then goes on to recommend “what is needed today is Flatter, Agile, Streamlined and Tech-enabled (FAST) government.”

Translating this think-tankese mumbo-jumbo into English, we get:

Flatter = less authority; less sovereignty;

Agile = more malleable; controllable;

Streamlined = less meaningful; less powerful.

Tech-enabled = subservient to those who own/operate/control technological R&D.

Need we remind ourselves that the true mission of sovereign nation-states is not to “adapt and continuously evolve” which, again, is think-tankese for “aligning to the coming world government, or else”?

The true and inalienable functions of sovereign nation-states and their governments are to:

Promote the Common Good of the vast majority of the people over and above the interests and greed of powerful local and/or foreign minorities, that are embedded in local, public and private power structures, and

Defend the country’s national interest in today’s dangerous, even deadly, world made so precisely because of small and illegitimately powerful minorities that have everywhere usurped far too much power.

President Putin of Russia understands this only too well; so does president Xi Jinping of China.  Most other countries, however, either never learned this fundamental lesson or seem to have forgotten it.

Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping

The global elites suggest a number of measures to “align civil service systems to the requirements of their proposed ‘FAST Governments’ based on such factors as carefully planned workforce reductions coupled with the significant organizational, technological and workforce advances inherent in FAST governments to build slim and streamlined organizations that can thrive in the new world order… Adaptive governments that share labor, services and resources through networked approaches and Gov 2.0 strategies can remain slim while delivering on their mission in effective and innovative ways.” 

Yes, I know: this sounds far more like a Corporate Annual Report than a geopolitical piece for creative statesmanship.

“The authors challenge governments to design and implement two new complementary ways of assessing governments’ performance. The first set of measures consists of a holistic approach to government performance along the four axes defined earlier as FAST.  The second set of measures focuses on measuring the value of such transformation to citizens.” 

If where it says “government”, you read “corporations”, and where it says “citizens”, you read “clients”, then you get a blueprint for private government.


Prying farther into what the future holds in store for us, Mr. Schwab’s team partnered with the editors of Britain’s leading science journal, Nature, and came up with a series of “X Factors”, five of which are truly revolutionary game-changers.

Just take a look at them, and then let’s infer what might lie behind the curtain:

1) “Runaway climate change: Is it possible that we have already passed a point of no return and that Earth’s atmosphere is tipping rapidly into an inhospitable state?” This ties in nicely with the Elite’s proposal of imposing a Global Carbon Tax backed by the coming world government’s legal framework, which will serve as a tool to control every country, region, city, and individual by allocating “carbon credits” based on their “carbon footprint”, thereby globally controlling all permissible activity.

2) “Significant cognitive enhancement: Ethical dilemmas akin to doping in sports could start to extend into daily working life; an arms race in the neural ‘enhancement’ of combat troops could also ensue.” Such scientific and technological breakthroughs are all basically controlled through the global network of mega corporate high-tech laboratories.  We have an example in Monsanto’s patenting of genetically modified seeds; the leitmotiv is to impose uncrackable, unhackable, high-tech and secret encoding over just about every resource on planet Earth: from seeds to sports competitions; from NSA eavesdropping to military gear. The coming world government will reserve for its exclusive use specific override code factors that will allow them to take over communications systems, power grids and aircraft – military and civilian, in flight and on the ground (9/11 Conspiracy Theorists take note!).

3) “Rogue deployment of geo-engineering: Technology is now being developed to manipulate the climate; a state or private individual could use it unilaterally.”  As if we did not know about Project HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – based in Alaska and Norway which has been undoubtedly playing dirty tricks all over the world, creating droughts and flooding!!

It appears that HAARP installations can generate directed high power electromagnetic standing waves over specific geographical areas that interfere with weather fronts, stopping rain clouds in their tracks.This can lead to too much rain on one side (floods) and too little rain on the other (droughts) of these invisible standing waves.


Also, as geologists well know, certain high power precisely aimed radio frequencies can be made to resonate with tectonic plates that are “ready to slip”; so with the right data the HAARP weapon might be used to trigger earthquakes/seaquakes that are “ready to happen”.

4) “Costs of living longer: Medical advances are prolonging life, but long-term palliative care is expensive. Covering the costs associated with old age could be a struggle.” A warning: The mysterious and anonymous Georgia Guidestones erected in 1980 in Ebert, Georgia which read like the global commandments, starts off by recommending the elites “maintain humanity under 500.000.000, in perpetual balance with nature”.  Global depopulation is a-coming…

5) “Discovery of alien life: Proof of life’s existence elsewhere in the universe could have profound psychological implications for human belief systems.” What a convincing way to bring on world government almost overnight!  In a Speech at the UN in 1987, former US President Ronald Reagan asked “how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask is not an alien force ALREADY among us?”  Hmmm…

Contact with alien life forms would demand a unified representation for all of mankind; yes indeed: a world government.  And, of course, over the past 70 years, Hollywood has mentally programmed the world to accept that any such contact would be with the Elite’s key representative, the United States. If one day soon little green men from Mars were to tell any human, “take me to your leader”, the proper landing strip will, of course, be the White House lawn.

The think-tankese conclusion: “The Global Risks Report is the flagship research publication of the ‘World Economic Forum’s Risk Response Network’ providing an independent platform for stakeholders to explore ways to collaborate on building resilience to global risks.” 

Translation: Whoever controls the global agenda, the politically correct limits of debate and technological change, has an awfully huge edge over the rest of mankind, whether they are grouped by regions, nations, ideologies, demographics, raw material wealth, or whatever.

Actually, all this rings much more like an attempt at generating self-fulfilling prophecies, rather than on trying to understand how to tackle the world’s future problems.

Goethe was right: coming events do cast their shadows forward.  The global elites’ mad drive to impose world government on all of us is exactly that: an increasingly dark shadow bent on dragging us all into the darkest night.