The truth about Gaddafi and Libya (watch and learn)

Ever wonder why a video like this never makes the main stream media?

The corporate media would have you believe Gaddafi was a tyrant and had to be killed.
Gee, couldn’t have had anything to do with Libya’s rich natural resources could it? Or the fact Gaddafi was about to dump the US dollar (soon to be worthless petrodollar) in favour for his newly implemented African gold dinar for payment on commodities, that would have enriched all of Africa.

Funny how the first thing the ‘rebels’ did after they killed Gaddafi (with the aid of NATO) was install a central bank in Libya, owned by the Rothschild family. Since when did rebel fighters do central banking? Have I missed something here?

The attacks on Libya were a sham. Just like in Iraq. Just like in Afghanistan. Just like in Syria.
How many more innocent people have to die before we wake up and stand in unity against this criminal new world order?

Watch this short clip and judge for yourself…