The story of bingo bust ups

Bingo is stereotypically seen as a calm and relaxing game played by the older generation. Despite its reputation, there have been occasions where temperatures have risen and a fight has broken out.

After we disclose some of the more vicious fights in the bingo community, you might consider trying in order to move into the online bingosphere and getting away from the violence.

The shocking six

Incredibly, a bingo hall in Devon is the location of our first bust up, where six women were banned from a bingo hall after they engaged in a violent brawl.

Before the game even began there was a disagreement in the foyer between the two groups of players, and before too long, this erupted into a full-scale argument. There were reports of chairs flying across the bingo hall, which left two women with facial injuries.

The brawl was so bad that even the bouncers at the bingo hall couldn’t contain the fighting and the police had to be called in. The women with facial injuries were treated by an ambulance crew and the six people involved in the brawl were handed lifetime bans by the bingo hall.

Handbags and gladrags

Not to be outdone by Devon, a bingo hall in Derby was the scene of a 10-person bingo brawl in 2016, but unlike the Devon brawl, the participants were younger.

It is believed that the fight began when a group of middle-aged players got fed up of the noise from a rowdy group of in their 20s and took matters into their own hands.

Security intervened when handbags were thrown during the brawl and police were called to calm the situation down.

Age is just a number

An elderly pair engaged in a bingo row for the second time in a year when they clashed in June 2014. The two players – aged 90 and 92 – almost came to blows at the Herne Bay Connaught Bingo Club. The feud is believed to have originated from claims that each woman won on a fruit machine that the other had put money into.

These rows eventually led to the most recent episode in the feud, in which a punch was reportedly thrown and police were called to the scene.

Although there have been reports that the two women had been suspended and warned to stay away from each other, a spokesperson for the bingo hall declined to comment on whether they had been suspended from the private members club.

A lucky chair

We move from Devon to South Wales for our next story, where two grannies were banned for life by their bingo club after getting into a fight over a “lucky chair”.

Although the bingo hall can hold over 500 bingo players, the fact that there wasn’t a big crowd didn’t stop the pair from going to war over one seat. The astonished onlookers couldn’t believe what they were seeing as security staff needed to break the pair up.

One of the players, Lynn Want, 58, was taken to hospital where she had an operation on her nose due to the injuries caused by the fight.