The Psychology Behind Marketing

Online portals and social media channels have escalated the possibilities of the world to become better or even more outward versions of themselves. People who would usually hesitate to open up are the one who is usually able to more confidentially because of their social media presence.

People can become whoever they want online but the problem is, some people become more extreme versions of themselves causing them to be too vocal and come across as over opinionated, but the main focus here is to explore how marketing firms target different types of people and personality in order to sell their products.

Marketers are clever when it comes to targeting their customers and they know how to deal with their products and companies.

A huge bulk amount of money is in fact spent on targeting the group of audiences to purchase or buy into certain brands. The second point being that if you take a group of people or a target audience and put them in an environment where they won’t feel judged and have no inhibitions, they are more than likely going to change their behavior. This is very important to the marketing industry and the advertising industry because it means they can appeal to a potentially huge audience, especially to those who wouldn’t usually be attracted to the desired product.

Bingo as an example

The game of bingo is an excellent example of the above principle. Bingo, they say is traditionally a woman’s game and has been enjoyed by ladies old and young for years upon years.

However, due to the rise of online bingo there is a weight of evidence which proves that bingo is now being enjoyed by thousands of male players. Why is this? Online bingo sites have a superb way of attracting visitors due to the designing of their bingo rooms. There are an increasing number of bingo rooms which are designed to attract the male player as opposed to the female using vivid and dark colouring schemes and typical male phrases.

The bingo industry is an excellent one to attract all types of people. Some rooms look like the inside of a pub while others are football and casino themed. Contrarily there is also many rooms aimed solely at the female audience attempting to further draw in the largest audience. There are other sites such as GameVillage with neutral theme such a Village, that appeals to both men and women, at equal par. Read more about GameVillage here.

Future results

As marketing and advertising begin to break down the boundaries to as what is for women and what is for men, who knows what the future may hold. It can only be a good thing that stereotypes are being broken down and more people are able to try and enjoy new things. It is worth mentioning the point made at the beginning of this post which was that you can be whoever you want to be because online bingo playing proves this point perfectly.