The Future of Online Gambling in Australia

Online poker has always been a topic for debate in Australia.

Just like in the United States, online poker has neither been banned by the government nor has it been approved on a widespread level.

Even then, there are numerous casinos providing players with the opportunity to experience poker for the first time or play the pokies quite regularly.

Key Facts

The worldwide gambling market is expected to grow around 5% annually from the AUD $285 billion revenue expected this year. It would represent a remarkable growth rate, but this growth is likely to be higher in Australia.

New South Wales and Queensland will be receiving three mega casinos, but it is far less compared to places like Macau, which already has 35 such places. Even then, it is a major step for Australian gambling market. An even bigger improvement is likely to be seen in the online sites in the industry in Australia. As of now, only 20% of the revenue for the entire Australian gambling industry is provided by the online segment. The growth in the tablets and smartphones is likely to aid this figure increase in the next five years.

Heavy investment is continued to be ploughed by the industry into enhancing the Australian online sites. This investment has primarily been made in order to ensure the widespread availability of the online mobile platform.

Technology Does Help

Platforms like Android and iOS are now able to support numerous apps from the industry, which allow players to experience the game in the same possible level as they would on a desktop or even in the physical form.

The best of casino games, which can be found at, have also come a long way. No longer are these games dull without any great interaction with the players. Instead, they possess great animations even for the smallest element so as to ensure that the experience is not a slouch when compared with the PlayStation games of today. Compared with those PlayStation games, these pokies do have an edge because they allow players to win some money while being the recipient of entertainment.

Handheld online game

Will Addiction Become a Large Problem?

Since more and more players are preferring online gambling to the traditional form, it is highly likely that governments will consider the possibility of legalising this industry. It would mean far bigger tax revenues for the government, and they are unlikely to turn this down.

One of the few disadvantages of online gambling according to activists may be that they tend to induce addiction. Yet, it should be that software developers and casinos themselves are not setting out with the notion of getting people addicted. They are not the cocaine or heroin smugglers, who endanger the society.

However, the criticism that has fallen at the feet of casinos has forced the industry to adopt a lot of responsible gambling options. Players can set daily, weekly, or monthly limits on the amount that they can deposit, and there are stringent rules to prevent them from going above this figure.

Mobiles Are Key to Success

The primary interest for the online industry has been to focus on the mobile media market. Since smartphones are becoming the best way to access a person 24/7, focusing on this niche helps the online casinos to expect a customer at any time. No longer does a person have to travel a lot and spend heavily on accommodation and food just to play the pokies.

Online has enabled them to enjoy the pokies in the comfort of the home. The mobile versions are taking this element to the next level by allowing players to experience the pokies at almost anywhere, provided that they have a stable Internet connection.

In this time-oriented world, people are attracted to short and sharp games. The casino games are rather good in terms of improving memory with a lot of characters to remember. They are also quite quick and a perfect solution to kill off minutes rather than spend the whole day watching the screen.


Even with all the responsible gambling elements, it should be remembered that the online casino industry does have fewer restrictions than the physical casinos. As a result, Australia is still cautious about going full-fledged with online gambling alone. It may take a few years before this form of gambling becomes the standard. Until then, this industry will continue to grow at a tremendous pace.

The idea of playing a game at lunch hour and possibly winning some money is something that will appeal to everyone.