The changing landscape of online gambling tournaments

Ever since the arrival of broadband technologies, there’s been the steady rise of online gambling tournaments that offer global gamers an evermore expansive selection of games with a suitably extravagant prizes to be won.

Whilst there have been many attempts by governments and institutions to try and regulate the activity, it’s become clear that the online gambling scene is now something of a Wild West with gamers finding new ways to compete on a global scale.

One of the biggest gambling tournaments is undoubtedly the World Series of Poker. Although the competition has been around since 1970s, it’s shown an impressive ability to adapt to the modern age with an online variant offering special qualifications that helps their cause in entering the real-life tournament.

Changing landscape tournaments

It’s the promise of huge riches that helped WSOP become such a world-beater. And with headlines of multi-million dollar wins continuing to enthral potential gamblers, it’s clear that the stakes are getting higher in this hugely profitable domain.

Whilst smaller competitors may not be able to offer the gamer such extravagant prize winnings, they have shown themselves to be no less adept to finding some alternative strategies to lure the gamer in.

Whether it’s the likes of ClassiCasinos providing some handy tips on poker tournaments, or brands like PokerStars offering a competition in 2013 that included no less than 225,000 players, it shows how inventive companies are about pushing their gambling competitions.

But whilst classic card games like poker and blackjack are finding a second lease of life thanks to internet technologies, it’s worthwhile mentioning that video games are starting to show that they can be suited to gambling action.

Thanks to the wildly successful craze of competitive gaming, or eSports, it seems that games like CS:GO have now become the subject of online gambling. In a way this shouldn’t be surprising as eSports tournaments have grown to resemble competitions like WSOP with huge audiences keen to watch the stars show off their gaming skills.

Just as poker fans could perfect their advanced poker strategy by watching the exploits of Qui Nguyen, it’s thought that the rise of the these huge competitive gaming tournaments have helped video gaming become increasingly professionalised.

So whether it’s stadiums filled with eSports fans betting on a first-person shooter game, or a card gamer taking their first steps in an online poker tournament, it seems like online gambling is here to stay.