Terrorism: Never what you think

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The recent demonstrations across the Islamic world aren’t so simple to understand. As an American, Terry Jones, the former CIA asset and his billionaire backers at Google, the CATO Institute and other groups that, when real investigation is done, at the root of this crisis, are not American at all.

America is an idea, or so I was told as a child, established by men like Jefferson and Adams, Washington, a Statue of Liberty in New York harbor welcoming the poor and hungry of the world, not a handful of what are mistaken for bigots.

The world is being torn apart as part of a plan, once originating among the powerful of the world, New York, Washington, Tel Aviv and Zurich, a plan to set nation on nation, religion on religion and set Mitt Romney, a sociopath in the garb of a hapless buffoon, who was chosen to assume the mantle of “Conqueror in Thief,” reassuming the crown left vacant after the departure of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Court Jester, Tony Blair.

American’s don’t think they are responsible for the wave of hatred across the world, focused on a blasphemous Google/Youtube video, meant to be spread like a virus through nation after nation though similar offensive material attacking any other group would be removed under “terms of service” or blocked immediately as a violation of law.

Nations, Canada, Britain, Australia, France, Austria, Germany, Italy and more have warmed to Islamophobia though they have imprisoned critics of Israeli persecution of Palestinians as “hate mongers.”

Though the US government has requested that Google review its “rules,” the United States has failed to use existing laws against corporations, and it is corporations we are discussing, being involved in supporting terrorism, interference in other nations and openly advocating violent acts against the United States.

Laws on the books in the United States would allow the immediate arrests without warrant of the Reverend Terry Jones, the entire management of Google and YouTube would allow the detention of all members of the CATO foundation along with others under legitimate suspicion of what are clearly criminal activities.That list includes about a third of the “dual passport” Israelis billionaires that are, at times, “Americans of convenience.”

No, the protestors are more right than many of them know, that hatred and bigotry are not “protected free speech” when their actions are designed to foster violence, threaten rule of law and bring about killings.

Then others laws come to plan and the mantle of “free speech” is subjected to laws that limit the use of the media as a weapon.

The adage use most often by the Supreme Court is that of the individual who yells; “Fire!” in a crowded theatre. Those killed during the rush to the exits are murder victims.

As of now we have identified some of the corporations responsible but there has yet to be a real investigation. The techniques used against tens of thousands of Muslims, accepted techniques, “American” techniques of sexual humiliation, waterboarding, “stress” positions, sleep deprivation, starvation and thirst, the standard conditions at, let’s say, Bagram Air Force Base’s prison, these things can be used.

They are legal, they are in accordance with legal decisions from two US Attorney Generals, Ashcroft and Gonzales, they were done with the full approval of 5 Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States and with 85% approval of the Evangelical Christian community of the United States.

I want to so much to believe I am part of a nation innocent and wronged but truthfully I have made my bed with a pack of thugs.

A majority of Americans feel they no longer can be held responsible for their own government though most will vote this November, they feel the candidates were chosen for them and real freedom is like a dream.

There is reason for followers of Islam to be angry at America. Two years ago, President Obama promised to make things different, to balance American policy. Those who envisioned a real change instead saw only paralysis in America.

I could lecture on American politics and perhaps should. I would start by stating what few are willing to admit and most in their hearts know, the world is ruled by international cartels and the US government is incapable of free action when those who make up much of the legislature are paid stooges of what can only be described as an international criminal conspiracy.

When Americans learned of their government’s complicity in crime, most Americans remained silent. When our news and media demonstrated enthusiastic complicity in criminality, we again remained silent.

Then 2007 came and it was time for Americans to pay, banks emptied, wars no longer seemed so amusing and all of it took on an unavoidable aspect of Israeli involvement. America’s undercurrent of distrust of those who set themselves separate, be they Catholic or Mormon or Jewish or, too often those of “color” reentered the public’s notice.

Did America regress to “anti-semitism” as some claim or reach awareness that a few thousand of America’s 14 million Jewish citizens may well have plotted to destroy the American economy?

Historians can dissect each of these eras and the prejudices of each, the reasons and rationales for years. A favorite author, Gilad Atzmon, who writes on Jewish identity, already has a wonderful treatise in print, “The Wandering Who.” Gilad has made many evil people very angry. Such acts are the works of heroes today, Atzmon or Mark Siljander and his “A Deadly Misunderstanding,” those who turn the mirror on those who most need to take responsibility.

Atzmon is hounded but fighting back, Siljander is in prison for “criminal truthfulness.”

There have been great changes in the people. Many fell into the trap of “9/11,” willing to see Islam as a threat and everyone with a “Middle Eastern look” as someone waiting to break into your home and kill everyone inside. It was a sick time to be an American, one mostly gone, even in entertainment with some exceptions.

American television, for years, showed little else, insane rambling and childish propaganda orchestrated by Israeli Americans and poisoning the minds of a nation looking for others to blame for its own problems.

You see, America had begun to die economically under President Reagan, his misguided ideas that only the rich can rule and the poor should starve and pay led to a landslide of disaster.

Tens of millions of real jobs left America from then on, moving to China, while the wealth of America’s highly paid workers was surgically removed through a series of manufactured economic crises, the Reagan “Savings and Loan scandal” and the Bush 43 “total collapse” which we are seeing the continuing momentum of today.

So much debt was created by Reagan and the Bush family that the interest on that debt has destroyed the world’s currencies. Not only did the world enter a period of economic hysteria driven by financial institutions allowed to operate as “pirate potentates” under “financial deregulation,” but the US went “unilateral.”

“Unilateral” to Bush meant doing the will of Israel without restraint or legal pretense. I would award him an Israeli passport.

The decision was made, I believe tied to those who actually planned and executed the 9/11 attacks, to spent the remaining borrowing capability of the United States to seize control of the world’s resources through a phony “Global War on Terror.”

The real war, when seen by military and intelligence analysts, was a “deception and cover” operation for a return to colonialism around the world and “feudalism” in the “homeland.”

“Homeland.” That is what “they” began calling America, a translation from the German term, “Reich.”

A nation told, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that “evil Arabs” are planning to steal your baby will willingly give up its rights, pass laws eliminating political guarantees of legal due process, equality and freedom of expression and quickly become a police state.

Critical to this was the exploitation of America’s most backward areas. America had to be driven to the edge of civil war through a form of radicalization and extremism. Thus, America may well have a second civil war someday; one based on heavily armed extremist with low intelligence against what may someday be an informed and responsible citizenry.

“Occupy” is the first sign of such a return to sanity and self-realization. The “dark side” is there too.

The “Tea Party” is one of those organizations, owned and controlled by extremist billionaires tied to Israel. Even with no viable candidates, their willingness to engage in false flag terrorism for political gain requires continual watchfulness.

Israel. This is another bizarre issue. At one point, the world’s most powerful nation could pressure Israel to act with some restraint and civility. That ended, Israeli politics became the most extreme in the world and her current regime, under Netanyahu, among the most brutal since Pol Pot in Cambodia.

All of this was, of course, repackaged by a press under Israeli control. Any American Jew who stood for traditional values of freedom of expression, an American Jews have a long history of such, was ostracized, called “self-hating.”

“Jewish” began to mean something negative, rather than educated or progressive, “Jewish” began to mean pretty much what the ignorant stereotypes of the past had always said, some things too unpleasant to put in print.

America’s Christian community became equally “infected,” willing to support oligarchical economic policies, to throw away long earned freedoms, to support kidnapping and torture, to blindly push for war after war.

Even the rural and highly independent Americans, gun owners, the generations that settled the frontier, became mindless stooges addicted to propaganda from Rupert Murdoch, master manipulator of the weak minded and perverse.

By “weak minded and perverse,” I am referring to “government.”

Thus, we face disaster, Muslims by the millions demanding America be removed from their lives. Or is this disaster? I know millions of Americans who ask the same thing. What if they were to go to the streets also?

Source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/262406.html