Stress-Free Ways to Market Your Business

Marketing can be incredibly stressful. You can all too easily watch your advertising dollars go down the drain without any real impact towards sales.

Thankfully, there are many stress-free ways you can market successful that will help you gain an audience and increase sales without spending a dime towards advertising, just towards marketing materials.

Try out these methods, and they can help increase your social standing and help you reach a greater audience:

Passive Marketing Tips

One of the best ways to market your business is passively. In-store marketing, window decals, and even custom car wraps are all excellent examples of passive marketing.

The more you drive around, the more people see you, the more familiar they become with your brand, and, as a result, the more they trust you.

You just need to make sure that your wrap is catchy, well-designed, and easy to read and understand.

Ways to Make Your Social Media More Social

Social media is incredibly new in the overall history of human interaction, but it has also drastically changed our values and how we interact with each other. Not being on social media is a huge mistake, but so too is not using it correctly.

You need to strike the right balance with tone, content, and engagement. Copy-posting the same comment on everyone’s photos doesn’t work in the long run. You need to engage organically. You need to be genuine, and you need to create real connections with users online in order to boost sales and organic reach.

To accomplish this, take ten or twenty minutes out of your day to respond to every comment and message you receive on social media, and take this one step further by engaging with your community. Starting a hashtag and encouraging your customers to tag you can help you find them and then engage with them.

Make each and every one feel like they are special, and you will have created a longstanding relationship with them. In turn, they will likely refer you to their friends, or even share your brand with their followers.

Organic reach is hard to achieve, yes, but it is very rewarding. The best part is that this type of marketing is very low-key. As you don’t have any money on it, you can make a big impact by just being consistent with your engagement and even what you post.

Try to make it authentic and genuine, and you’ll not only find it to be easier, you might even start to have fun with it. 

Offering Referrals and Rewards

If you want to boost organic reach and word-of-mouth marketing, then referrals are the best way to do it. Rather than hoping your customers spread the word about your brand, you can encourage it and even monitor it.

Referral codes that offer discounts to new members and the members who referred them is a great way to spread the word for no extra cost, just a small discount that you will use as an incentive.

Paying for advertisements is a sure-fire way to become stressed about your efforts. There is a financial loss, after all, if you cannot gain the engagement you are looking for. By using these three methods instead or in conjunction with a more traditional approach, you can expand your reach organically.