Seven Reasons Your Efforts to Build That Sexy Summer Physique Are Failing

Want that beach body for the summer?

It’s all about understanding what your body needs and how to put it in the best possible situation. Too many people go through the motions and end up with a body that’s going nowhere. Instead, it’s best to put together a plan and follow through with it every step of the way.

Here are some of the reasons people end up failing.

1) No Plan

The biggest reason for failure is working out or dieting without a plan.

There are numerous people that don’t understand what it means to workout and focus on what needs to be done. This can include what you’re eating throughout the day, how much you are eating, and how often you’re working out and best muscle building supplements you will take.

In fact, it also includes what type of workouts you’re doing and which muscle groups are targeted.

All of this information has to be noted beforehand so you are not left confused. Anyone that pushes forward without a plan is going to have a chubby gut to deal with because they won’t progress at all.

2) Starving To Lose Weight

This is a common mistake and one that’s seen all the time.

In general, when people think of a beach body, they automatically assume it’s time to starve. They cut down their calories and this has a negative impact on their health. The worst part is, they might lose weight but it’s going to look awful.

Starving is never an option and simply out of the question for those looking to rock a beautiful body. It’s all about eating right and making sure to cut down properly. You should only eat 300-500 calories below maintenance while cutting. Anything more and it’s simply damaging and unsustainable.

3) Doing Low Effort Workouts

How are your workouts when it comes to intensity?

Are you putting in enough effort every single time or are there days where you’re sluggish? The amount of effort that’s put in the gym will have a direct impact on your overall physique.

There are loads of people that go through the motions during workouts and assume it will work. This is not going to lead you down the right path and may even make things worse! Take the time to push hard and do things the right way while working out.

4) Not Hydrating Properly

Drinking water is one of the most underrated aspects of getting your desired physique. It’s easy to think about eating right, cutting down, and working out but what about the basics? What about drinking enough water from morning to night?

In general, you want to stay as hydrated as possible because it has a direct impact on your physical appearance. Your muscles will look tired and the body will simply not have the quality you want. Plus, not hydrating properly is bad for your health and could lead to massive injuries down the road. Drinking enough water is mandatory when preparing for the summer.

5) Overworking “Glamor” Muscles

It’s easy to start working out the glamor muscles (i.e. chest, biceps, triceps) and ignore everything else. Lots of people do this and assume that will be more than enough to get a beautiful beach body before summer rolls around.

However, a well-rounded physique has to incorporate all muscle groups evenly. This is how you are going to get to your goal faster because everything will be proportionate. Never forget the value of proportions when it comes to your physique.

6) Doing Too Much

Yes, it is possible to do too much when it comes to your dieting or workouts!

There are people that will go to the gym and pound out three-hour sessions unnecessarily. This is simply unacceptable and is going to do more harm than good. A viable workout session should take no longer than 40-50 minutes.

In fact, with the right intensity, you can be done in less than 30 minutes!

7) Not Getting Enough Rest

Working out is wonderful but rest is just as important. The muscles need time to recover and people often go into overdrive with their routine. Set up a reasonable schedule that includes at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

If you’re not doing this, the body will become sluggish and your chances of a beach body will plummet. Be smart and get enough rest as that’s a foundational requirement for getting your dream body. If you don’t get enough rest, the body will slowly shut down and it might lead to other consequences no one wants to deal with!

These are the seven reasons your efforts to build a great physique are failing. Take the time to plan out a detailed strategy instead of going through the motions. This is a wonderful opportunity to maximize your routine as long as you’re willing to make changes.