Ron Paul wins Iowa and Minnesota

Despite the blatant election fraud in numerous states Ron Paul has walked away winner in Iowa and Minnesota.
The man draws thousands to rallies, yesterday he drew 4000+ in pouring rain to a rally. Ron Paul gets over 5000 people consistently to his rallies, packs stadiums everywhere he goes and even has troops marching to the white house in support of him.

Yet the establishment and their whore media tries to tell us he can’t win. Romney, the elite’s puppet (much like Obama), gets a few hundred at best to rallies whilst Gingrich struggles to get 100. Yet they are apparently front runners and Ron Paul is not? Go figure.

The media blackout of Ron Paul in America just goes to show that there is no Democracy in America or any other country under the two party system. The more we support candidates like Ron Paul in America, Nigel Farage in England or Marine Le Pen in France the more we expose the fraud of the New World Order.

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