Ron Paul set to launch new media operation

Ron Paul channel“Turn Off Your TV. Turn On the Truth.”

That’s the strap line that former Congressman Ron Paul is using for a brand new media network he is launching this summer.

A promotional video posted to Facebook over the weekend announced the imminent launch of The Ron Paul Channel.

“FINALLY a media network dedicated to liberty, peace, prosperity, and the celebration of all the values that you and I share.” a post accompanying the announcement reads.

“The lying and conniving and collusion between those that give us our news and information and the government, this is going to change.” states the former Congressman states in the promo video for the channel.

Currently visitors to the page are welcomed and invited to sign up for exclusive discounts, sneak peaks at content and more. Those who do sign up can become “Founding Subscribers” and have their names included in the Channel’s first video broadcast.

The Channel promises to provide innovative and interactive material including “breaking news stories, interviews with influential headliners and hard hitting reporting.”

“This is exciting. This project provides us with a wonderful opportunity to spread the message of liberty, but we need to come together to make sure our voices are heard.” Paul states in the promo.

The Ron Paul Channel is just the latest huge project that the Paul has announced since retiring from Congress.

Back in April Paul announced that he was launching his own home schooling program via in order to provide an alternative to “government-controlled education.”

“Dictators recognize the danger that free thought poses to their rule, and few things promote the thinking of “unapproved” thoughts like an education controlled by parents instead of the state. ” the former Congressman stated, noting that “…Children do better when their education is controlled by those who know their unique needs best, rather than by a federal bureaucrat.”

For Ron Paul, the program represents the fulfillment of a promise he made during his farewell speech to Congress last November when he suggested that the home schooling movement would play a “revolutionary” role in restoring limited government.

The former Congressman will also release a book later this year on education and the liberty movement.

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