Rolf Harris guilty: another pedophile friend of the Royal Family

Entertainer Rolf Harris has been found guilty of indecently assaulting four girls in the UK between 1968 and 1986.

The London jury took eight days to deliver a unanimous verdict on all 12 charges of indecent assault.

Each count carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison. The 84 year old has been granted bail and is due to be sentenced on Friday.

The one link being left out by the mainstream media with the Rolf Harris case is the growing list of pedophiles connected to the British Royal Family.

Mass pedophile Jimmy Savile was best friends with the Royal Family and abused well over 500 children in his 54 year campaign of pedophilia, not to mention necrophilia, in which Savile would visit hospitals to engage in intercourse with the deceased.

Rolf Harris Prince Charles

Convicted pedophile Rolf Harris meeting with Prince Charles

The close friendship between Prince Charles and Savile is well documented, with Queen Elizabeth II granting Savile knighthood in 1990.

The media and government don’t mind it coming out that people are mass pedophiles when they have died, but if they are living, forget about it. Many people, none more so than David Icke, have called out the likes of Savile for over 20 years before it came out in the mainstream media.

Sir Jimmy Savile, was a TV and radio presenter who hosted various kid’s shows for the BBC. His shows were called ‘Top of The Pops’ a music show he presented and ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ where kids all over the UK would write letters to Savile to ask if the show could grant their various childish wishes.

Since the revelations the BBC tried to cover up what they knew but that has backfired as they have been hit with over 150 sexual abuse claims and presenter of BBC’s “It’s a knockout” Stuart Hall admitting to pedophilia, with the youngest girl being just 9 years old.

Further to this documents linking Savile and the likes of his buddy Prince Charles and Margaret Thatcher have been denied access under the Freedom Of Information Act. The Metropolitan Police have been caught covering up this VIP elitist pedophile ring and their Operation Yewtree investigation being nothing more than a sham to protect people in high places.

The outing of Savile as a mass pedophile goes much deeper than just that, we have seen members of the Catholic Church with ties to Savile like Cardinal Keith O’Brien resign.

Jimmy Savile Prince Charles pedophile

Prince Charles with best friend and mass pedophile Jimmy Savile

Whilst many dismiss the very notion of our so called elite people in society conducting such henous crimes the victims of these elite pedophile rings tell a different story. They tell of how the events take place in what is described as satanic in nature. Not to mention Savile would chant “Hail Satin” in Latin whilst raping his victims.

Now at first glance most people pass this off as though the crime was so horrific that the victim deems it to be of satanic nature. However anyone that has looked deeper into this or has read the works of occultist Aleister Crowley, can see how in the minds of these people they believe that they absorb the life force of the victim and gain power.

Most people don’t understand this but clearly these people that commit these acts do, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. Links between the occult and the royal bloodline are nothing new. John Dee was an occultist who openly worked for Queen Elizabeth I, who wrote about channeling entities and spirits through his rituals to gain power and knowledge.

Here is an image of one of his ritual tools known as the “Seal of God”, look familiar?

Whether you want to go this far down the rabbit hole is upto you, what is for certain however is the links between pedophilia and people in very high places. Especially when it comes to royalty.

Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile are just the tip of the iceberg in this VIP pedophile ring.

Queen Elizabeth II Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris painting a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in 2005