Rapper Lupe Fiasco calls out race baiting media on Trayvon Martin case

Lupe FiascoWhile many celebrities tossed their 140 characters of nonsense into the realm of Twitter, rapper Lupe Fiasco revealed the truth regarding how the media used the Trayvon Martin case to further ‘antagonize US race relations’.

Going on to talk about why the case should have never been televised and turned into a media sensation that is now causing so-called ‘protesters’ to go out and destroy private property, Lupe Fiasco is right on point with this one. As a major black artist, Lupe is obviously not ‘racist’ for calling out the mainstream media on their blatant race baiting and spin of the Trayvon Martin case, and neither am I when I point out this same fact. It simply comes down to looking at the way the media spun the entire case, let alone the ruling, in a way that has justifiably led to concerns that public backlash could result in riots or homicides.

And after seeing the slew of Twitter threats from users who said they’d hunt down and kill Zimmerman and others if he was not found guilty, it’s obvious the media has turned this case into a race-driven war.

As I’ve discussed earlier, there is a real level of corruption that threatens black individuals, Hispanic individuals, and white individuals. In fact, it’s the biggest threat we face today: corrupt government that has zero regard for our rights in any capacity. So why are we being tricked into fighting each other based on skin color under the guise of stopping the very same racism? It’s simple, and it comes down to political brainwashing 101.


If we were all to come together, regardless of skin color, regardless of our so-called ‘political affiliations’, and stand up for our rights and the Constitution — we would assuredly achieve victory against all forms of civil liberties abuse. Against the Patriot Act which allows warrantless wiretapping of US citizens, against the NDAA which allows the indefinite detainment of US citizens, against the DHS-enacted 100 mile ‘border’ where the Constitution does not exist. Against all these real issues.

I agree with Lupe Fiasco, it’s time to reclaim our rights together — don’t let the media divide and conquer us in such a simple manner.

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