Public support for Queen on the wane

Recent opinion polls have revealed that the public support for the British monarchy is on the wane, as fewer people believe Britain will be worse off without the Queen.

New polls conducted by ICM revealed that there was a sharp decline in the number of people thinking the UK would be in a worse condition without the royals.

Despite rising claims by the media outlets that many people would celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the poll showed only 14 per cent of the people are “very interested” in the jubilee celebrations.

One opinion poll asked if Britain would be worse off without the monarchy, to which only 51 percent of those being polled responded yes, a sharp decline from 63 per cent this time last year.

While responding to another question, only 41 per cent said they believed the monarchy was a unifying force, with 32 per cent of the people replying it made no difference.

Anti-monarchy campaign group Republic stressed that the poll result showed the British people were not as interested in the institution as the media claim.

“These polls put the lie to the claim that the monarchy is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. No poll over the past eighteen months has shown any increase in support for the monarchy,” Republic’s chief executive Graham Smith said.

“These figures are in line with our own predictions: that most people who have previously supported the monarchy will become ‘don’t knows’ or ‘don’t cares’ before siding with those who want abolition.”

The campaign group also said that people have increasingly been making hostile reactions to the costly jubilee celebrations, adding this hositility was a signal to the royals and the monarchists in the government that people’ support for the monarchy was declining.