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What is the Sharp Drop in US New Home Sales Attributed To?

Home Sales America flag

In April 2017, US new home sales dropped after surging in March. The seasonally adjusted rate of new home sales in April was reported at 569K according to the Commerce Department. Analysts were anticipating an increase in the region of 610K. Sales of US single-family homes were 842K in May …

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How to Take Advantage of No Deposit Slots Bonuses?

The betting industry is quite lucrative, and all the casinos are trying hard to remain relevant in this competitive field. It has greatly revolutionized moving from land-based physical gaming outlets to the online ones. Well, the land casinos have not been completely faced out because there are still individuals who …

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Why There’s a Blockchain Application Just For You

Bitcoin coins in a pile

Blockchain. It’s the perfect database, the savior of the economy and the answer to all of humanity’s ills – or at least, that’s what its advocates will tell you. But how much of the posturing and boasting that surrounds blockchain is actually true? Inevitably, the answer depends on what you …

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Maduro planning to swap Venezuela’s gold for dollars

Nicolas Maduro Venezuela gold dollars

It was almost exactly two years ago when a cash-strapped Venezuela quietly conducted its first, little-noticed gold-for-cash swap with Citigroup, as part of which Nicolas Maduro converted part of his nation’s gold reserves into at least $1 billion in cash courtesy of the US bank. As Reuters reported then, the …

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Is It Time To Fire Your Property Manager?

Terminate property manager

Frankly, if you’re asking yourself if it’s time to fire your property manager, the answer is likely yes. When you’ve been given any reason at all to have this thought, the relationship has either gone sour—or it is rapidly going sour. Either way, if you’re wondering if it’s time to …

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What to look for before joining an online casino

If you are thinking of joining an online gaming site, or if you already play at one but are looking for something better; there are a few things you should keep an eye out for. Choosing a bad casino can have drastic consequences further down the line, therefore it is …

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9/11 families sue Saudi Arabia for involvement in terrorist attack

9/11 families Saudi Arabia terrorist attack

In a stunning lawsuit seeking to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for 9/11, the families of 800 victims have filed a lawsuit accusing the Saudis of complicity in the worst terror attacks on American soil. The legal action, filed in federal court in Manhattan, details a scenario of involvement by Saudi …

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