Online business in New Zealand using legal loopholes

SkyCity, one of the most reputable casino operator in the country, is planning its online operations using loopholes in current laws.

In New Zealand, strict legal restrictions are imposed. To escape the rules, SkyCity is planning their activity overseas.

Although operating online casinos breaks the local laws, Kiwis can legally visit websites of the same nature.

As an example, consider the Lucky Nugget casino nz. No wonder that the offshore gambling companies have a field day in New Zealand and the services are provided to the country’s players without any control and oversight from the state institutions.

According to statistics of the year 2018, New Zealand players spent up to $648 million on casino games. SkyCity wants to cash in on the situation and move its online business to the European countries where gambling operators face few hassles while сonducting their activities.

The most convenient location for the new business will be Gibraltar or Malta. The SkyCity intentions to create a platform allowing Kiwis to bet in New Zealand dollars were announced in August 2018. But the start of the new web site is not expected earlier than at the end of 2019.

The list of available games at SkyCity will include slots, craps, roulette, blackjack, and other games. As for sports betting and online poker in the game selection, the company stays mum in this respect. It was just indicated that the activity would be provided according to the national laws, as well as take into account marketing restrictions of the country which forbids operators to advertise their services directly to gamblers. The website will use effective search engine optimization methods to attract their target audience.

Today, SkyCity is not licensed by the local government, so the company should not give any tax return to the state. However, in the estimation of the company specialists, their gambling activity could produce up to $40 million in taxes. The company is ready to pay it to the state as tax, or as an alternative, donate the money to local charity institutions.

The SkyCity’s decision to operate an offshore business is not to everybody’s liking. Thus, Tracey Martin, the internal affair minister of New Zealand, expressed her disappointment about the company’s plans. In the meanwhile, she accepted the need of the country to adopt new laws. The actual legislation is undoubtedly out-of-date. And we expect that the first steps of SkyCity can make the legislative bodies rethink its approach to online casinos.