Oil corporations want to exploit reserves under arctic ice melt

Arctic ice

The National Academy of Science would like to see the eco-fascist view of man-made climate change be taught in school curriculum to indoctrinate future generations to unscientific ideas like the Arctic sea-ice melting is not a natural event.

Alarmists are reporting that the Arctic sea ice has shrunk to 1.58 million square miles and expected to continue to melt.

Ted Scambos, US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) scientist, claims that this melting can be directly blamed on man-made emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2).

Slushie conditions at the Arctic are being facilitated by “crushed ice and that is a lot easier to melt and melt more quickly”, asserted Walt Meier, researcher for NISDC at a press conference last week.

Sea-ice grows and retreats with the seasons. It is completely normal for sea-ice to melt, as it will reform and freeze over in the winter.

In a study conducted by polar scientists from Britain, Australia, and France the Arctic Peninsula “warmed by about 6°C as it emerged from the last ice age, culminating in a temperature 11,000 years ago that was 1.3°C warmer than today’s average.” This warming was followed by a cooling and then the cycle begun again with a re-warming. Their conclusion was that the melting occurring now is less than previous ages record and therefore not worth causing a stir about.

Alarmist scientists are using this melting to further their assertion that man-made climate change is destroying the polar ice caps.

According to an international team of scientists, a study published in Nature states that there is “an immense amount of organic carbon, more than ten times the size of carbon stocks in northern permafrost regions.”

Jemima Wadham, research leader from Bristol University said: “Our laboratory experiments tell us that these sub-ice environments are also biologically active, meaning that this organic carbon is probably being metabolized to carbon dioxide and methane gas by microbes.”

Climate change could destabilize these “methane reserves” which could be released if global warming continues.

Oil corporations like Shell are celebrating the melting of the sea-ice as they believe that there are massive amounts of petroleum reserves at the polar ice caps underneath the seabed. More melting means easier access to these alleged reserves.

The Strategic Reserve debate involves Obama’s pressure on Iran, the British and French as cover while keeping with the message that reserve is about to be used. During the Obama campaign, this could be more telling about the reason why the global Elite are so interested in having the right to drill in the Arctic while still attempting to maintain Obama as a viable option for 2nd term.

The Department of the Interior approved Shell Oil’s scheme to coerce their allocation of drilling in the Arctic by addressing their new procedures for handling oil spills.

Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International executive director, commented that “melting Arctic ice is a warning, not a business opportunity.”

Shell has been anxiously waiting for the green light to drill into the Chukchi Sea, which has shown that the region’s ecosystem is quite unstable. The globalist-sponsored mainstream media is praising the off-shore drilling Shell proposes by outlining their “extensive spill response drills.”

The flow of oil under the Arctic Ocean, believed to be only 3 years’ worth of a global supply, would not justify the desire of the oil corporations to begin drilling in the region.

To date, Shell and their contemporaries have not displayed adequate progress toward spill prevention technology. The prioritization of money and profits has superseded rig operation risks with further corporate sanctioned cutting of operations funding to make their presence even more of a threat.

Source: http://occupycorporatism.com/oil-corporations-want-to-exploit-reserves-under-arctic-ice-melt/