MSM desperate to make Russia look bad during Sochi Olympics

Sochi Olympic rings

In the lead up to the games, till now, the western mainstream media has been desperate to make Russia look bad at every opportunity.

Everything from trying to generate terrorism fears about made up toothpaste bombs, NBC caught faking stories about Sochi being cyber attacked and spreading disinfo about Russia’s stance on homosexuality, here is the the reality on that issue you won’t see the media cover and even non stop coverage about the toilets.

But ever notice how the western mainstream media won’t cover real stories like how Russia is looking to completely ban GMO food?

It seems the western media will cover everything about Sochi except the games themselves.

Clearly Russia, although not perfect by any means, is not going along with the New World Order plan as was seen with Putin stopping WW3 from occuring. While John Kerry, Obama, UK’s David Cameron and others were looking for an imediate strike on Syria, Putin called out the evidence of chemical weapons as having no validity which later turned out that Putin was correct.

Even people in the US like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan called out the attacks as a false flag, also later proven to be correct. Ron Paul even asking the question why the US is arming and funding al Qaeda to take down the Assad government in Syria.

Either way, whatever happens at the Sochi games you can be sure that if it can be spun to make Russia look bad the dying mainstream media will pounce all over it with their propaganda.

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