Method to choose the best quality dietary supplements

For people who are aware regarding the changes in the dietary supplements market, you will be well aware that the New York Attorney General took a tough stand against the sale of fake herbal supplements and popular retailers were asked to stop selling mislabelled and adulterated dietary supplements.

Although people who were against dietary supplements voiced their opinion that dietary supplements are totally useless; there are still dietary supplements that are highly useful in providing the required nutrition.

Although there is no famine in developed nations like other countries, some countries are still suffering from malnutrition and as a result, they will need nutrition supplements to overcome the adverse impact of genetically modified crops and other sugary beverages that have become a part of the daily diet.

dietary supplements

Due to the high consumption of processed foods, people have started accumulating harmful substances and toxins in the body, while there is a deficit of the essential nutrients, thereby hindering the natural functioning of the body. It can only be enhanced by following a proper diet or by sticking to dietary supplements, so that the requirements of the body are fulfilled. We bring to you the top five tips to help you choose the appropriate dietary supplement:

  1. Certified by NSF

NSF International is a credible third party certifier of dietary supplements and it ensures that the required nutrients are present in any sample, before they certify it using the highest quality practices. Due to the continuous retests by NSA, products that come with a NSA certification can be considered to be fairly safe.

  1. Certification by USP

United States Pharmacopeia is a non-profit scientific organization and is well-known for its stringent quality, authenticity and purity tests before certification. On a global scale, over 140 countries recognize USP certification and hence, it is safe to use products certified by USP as they will not comprise of any constituents that have a potential to cause harm to the human body.

  1. List of Dietary Supplements tainted by FDA

There are certain supplements that are in the tainted list as specified by the FDA. As per the regulations, the United States Food and Drug Administration has a list of dietary supplements that it deems to be harmful for an individual’s health and hence, it is best recommended that you check before you buy.

  1. Manufacturing Process Check

You can buy supplements from companies that have a Good Manufacturing Process in place. They follow stringent practices and stick to the highest quality standards to ensure that they production, raw material sourcing etc. are from hygienic and trusted sources.

  1. Check for Research and related evidence

When you are planning to buy a supplement, make sure that it is well researched and the evidence is available over the internet. This way, you can ascertain that it can be used safely and it would not pose a health risk under any circumstance.

Based on the above mentioned tips, choose a dietary supplement that will be advantageous.