Max Keiser says: “hang the bankers”

Viewers in the U.K. were surprised watching Channel 4’s “10 o’clock Live” show when guest Max Keiser, speaking in a debate moderated by one of the show’s presenters, David Mitchell – appealed to the live audience to “hang the bankers.”

The audience applauded very enthusiastically. Keiser went on to explain that if regulators were not going to enforce laws – and he cited examples of Britain’s FSA – allegedly involved in both the Bernie Madoff and AIG scandals and the example of the BAE / Prince Bandar scandal when a UK judge ordered the investigation of a multi hundred million dollar slush fund only to be instructed to cease and desist from then sitting PM Tony Blair – who shortly thereafter took a position at JP Morgan arranging for oil deals in Iraq and other oil rich countries.

This is not the first appearance where the very voice tress former Wall Streeter turned broadcast journalist has made public appearances such as this. He has been growing in mass popularity from his online campaigns that he has voiced through his shows and website, His most recognizable campaign to date was launched as a “Google Bomb” on the Alex Jones Show, November 2010 “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver.” Since then he has called his following the Silver Liberation Army to which he has let a company brand his slogans and actually make silver bullion after his images and rants. The company in charge of producing the Silver Keisers has said that it has been one of the most successful campaigns they’ve ever seen.

The Silver Liberation Army was also made into a brand of sorts by means of a free membership website that updates people about Keiser news and has weekly silver deals. His newest campaign has now gone viral with the support of his S.L.A. which has been coined the Million Ounce March. The campaign is directed to remove an additional million ounces from the free markets and putting it where it belongs in the hands of the people. That campaign and last week’s episode have been receiving thousands of views, comments and obvious support from people globally. Keiser believes that if the public continues to purchase physical silver bullion as a hedge against inflation the banks that are accused of being “naked short” against the precious metal will go bust.

When we asked Keiser for his comments towards all this new found fame he replied, “If the regulators are not going to punish these evil doers than the public has to take matters into their own hands and historically this has meant decapitation. More than 30% of the UK’s taxable profits come from the corrupt banking sector – this cancer must be stopped before it gobbles up the entire economy.” The video to last week’s episode has now been banned in the U.K. and it’s starting to raise eyebrows from the population. Anyone wanting to watch this rising pop culture icon and his messages can view his online commentating at and Keiser’s silver branded bullion can be viewed at

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