Marketing Your Website Prior to Black Friday

Black Friday is a huge shopping day that every e-commerce store owner should take advantage of.

But rather than expecting customers to simply come to you, you need to properly market your site in order to generate the highest amount of interest and the highest amount of traffic possible.

So in addition to making sure your store has the best user experience with the help of Weaveability products, keep reading for a few helpful marketing tips.


Promote Your Discounts

Black Friday is all about grabbing up fantastic discounts that you can’t access at any other time of the year. So when you market your e-commerce store for Black Friday, you need to promote the deals and discounts that you are going to be offering.

Look at those products on your website that you can put on sale, and make your overall pricing as competitive as possible so that people will be drawn to your site instead of the competition’s.

Then create ads that you can place on your social media pages, in pay-per-click ads, and in your email newsletters to let people know about the great deals that you are offering.

Use Strategy in Your Emails

Speaking of emails, you can use this time of year to really connect with your newsletter subscribers and let them know about all of the great things that are happening on your e-commerce store.

Take the time to write your emails in advance, and consider hiring a professional copywriter if you need help coming up with the perfect wording that will generate more click-throughs to your site. Schedule the emails that you will send out so that your subscribers will first get an announcement about your Black Friday sales.

Then send other messages that will further increase anticipation and remind them of the sales. You can even send subscribes an exclusive offer to entice them to shop.

Improve Your SEO

In addition to actively promoting your e-commerce store on social media, through your email list, and in online ads, you also want to make it easier for shoppers to find your site during the holiday season, and especially during the Black Friday shopping rush.

Therefore, you need to focus in on your SEO strategy. Check your site’s loading times to ensure everything loads quickly and correctly, as shoppers simply won’t have the patience to stick around if load times are slow. Then build specific landing pages for sales categories so you can include keywords in the meta data and content.

Finally, find other bloggers and websites that might be willing to talk about your site and the products that you offer, or perhaps even review your products, so that you can get links back to your site and further boost your SEO.

With these three simple strategies, you can market your website prior to Black Friday, increase the odds that more people will be shopping on your site, and boost your profits. Start planning early for the best results, as this is an extremely competitive time of year for sellers.