Marine Le Pen to warmongering BBC: you want to start World War 3 at all costs

Marine Le Pen accused Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis of wanting war “at all costs” during a tense interview ahead of the French election.

Following a series of questions about Le Pen’s relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia’s role in the world, Ms Maitlis asked whether France would defend the Baltic states or the Ukraine against a theoretical invasion from the former Soviet nation.

Le Pen raged: “You want war at all costs! What is your problem? You want to go to war! Do you like war? You want conflicts – you want us to start World War Three!

“At the moment no one wants to go to war with anyone.“I’m happy to go into all the hypotheses, but no one is going to war with anyone – no one wants to go to war with anyone else.

“There was a territorial conflict with Ukraine – these things happen.

“Now it has to be resolved diplomatically, and I think France’s voice has weight as long as France is France, not a region of the EU.

“Honestly, if you’re trying to say that Russia is a military danger to European countries, I think you’re mistaken in your analysis.”

The Front National leader met with Putin for the first time in Moscow last week after repeatedly praising the Russian leader for his policies.

She reiterated her support for the populist policies of Putin and Trump, saying: “There’s Russia, which doesn’t deserve to be treated with prejudice. It hasn’t led any campaigns against European countries, or the US.

“What I notice is that Putin’s government must be pretty popular with Russians, given that it is constantly being reelected.”

She described herself as the “anti-Merkel” and condemned the German chancellor’s economic, monetary and migrant policies.

Le Pen added: “She’s increasingly isolated, because the policies I represent are the policies represented by Mr Trump and Mr Putin, and the British people made it clear they want to go in that direction.

“The EU is almost already over – rather than waiting for it’s chaotic collapse, I suggest we organise its transformation to a Europe of nations while respecting the wishes of the European people.

“The EU is shining with the light of a dead star.”