Mainstream media is officially dead

Mainstream media viewership is dying almost as quickly as overall viewer trust, and the alternative news is now rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the scripted media.

A new age of media has begun.

Mainstream media

But it’s not just based on my analysis, or the massive number of readers and viewers that we see transitioning to alternative websites for their daily dose of reality. In fact, the fading trust in the mainstream media has been documented numerically via a recent Gallup poll that confirmed everything we knew about the shift in information within the United States and elsewhere. And just like we knew that the NSA had been tracking us before Snowden officially cracked the lid off of the entire operation, it comes as no surprise to many of us.

What this means for the future of news, however, is very important. I actually spoke with Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo, an alternative news rising star and friend of mine, about this specifically in my latest video update. Storyleak and Sayer’s site right now are seeing record amounts of traffic, even for being relatively new on the scene, and people are craving information like never before. Checkout the video below:

[youtube height=”400″ width=”550″][/youtube]


We now live in a time where you, the reader, can surpass the New York Times in viewership and reach through the use of a single smart phone. With truth being the most viral genre of content in 2013 and beyond, the mainstream media is still stuck reading the same old script over and over again. And I mean literally scripted. Checkout this hilarious yet disturbing video that portrays just how seriously phony the nightly news really is. Anchors from multiple stations, corporations, states, and countries are all reading off of the same text on the teleprompter.

And there’s more than one video like this. There’s hundreds on YouTube alone, in fact.

It’s time for you to get out and become your own news aggregator, support alternative news websites that aren’t controlled by mainstream media corporations, and fill the void left by the collapsing mainstream media. Because real people are much more alluring than script-reading talking heads.

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