Lil Wayne video featured skeletons in a theater prior to Batman massacre

Fans of the fourth richest rapper in the world Lil Wayne will be disheartened to learn that he may have had a sinister hand in the build up to the Batman massacre psy-op.

His most recent music video for the song “My Homies Still” features imagery closely related to the Batman movie among other disturbing coincidences including, most shocking of all, 12 skeletons sitting in a movie theater while Wayne and his crew rap and dance.

Wayne and another crew member also shield their ears (from gunfire?) at the same time 12 skeletons appear in the scene. Another curious tie to The Dark Knight Rises is this woman wearing a mask similar to the shape of Batman’s:

Even more disturbing is that the video was released just days before the massacre took place the night of July 20th. The official “My Homies Still” video was posted to YouTube on July 17th.

The video has caused widespread speculation further fueling theories that the Batman massacre was a planned and staged false-flag psy-op.

In response, several people have taken to YouTube in attempts to illuminate an otherwise sleeping public.

Several YouTube videos point out similar evidence of Illuminati imagery in Wayne’s video. This would be an extreme coincidence if this was not all part of the plan.

But it is.

batman photo

As has always been done, the powers-that-be (probably even higher than the owners and managers of the Universal Republic Records label) stipulate certain scenes that absolutely have to appear in videos for them to be funded.

This is all part of a ritualistic satanic “spell” they try to cast that offers the public a hidden reveal before an actual event takes place, a form of predictive programming.

In essence, they have to present you the option to “opt out” of their spell, but those without the knowledge to identify the symbolism opt in without knowing.

This is similar to the vampire at your door that can’t come in unless invited. You would not see the video if you didn’t turn on the TV or your computer and “invite” it into your home.

This, in effect, “sealed the deal” and supernaturally charged the ritualistic sacrifices that took place making them all the more powerful.

As Paul Joseph Watson in the past has expounded upon, the modern music industry has been overrun by the Illuminati seeking “to poison the minds of a generation of young people” through symbolism, satanism, and seduction. It is one of the greatest threats facing humanity at this time.

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