JP Morgan is finished! JPM silver scandal will rival Libor…buy silver now!!

AltInvestors has released an EXPLOSIVE interview with GATA’s Bill Murphy.  Murphy has previously stated several of his best sources have advised him gold and silver will make massive bull moves in August, and will soon set new all-time highs.

Murphy went a step further today stating that ‘JP Morgan and their silver short positions is going to be a scandal rivaling the LIBOR manipulation scandal– it’s so focused, LIBOR involves so many companies, this is JP MORGAN!
They’re in BIG TROUBLE, and when silver takes out $30 it’s probably going to go to $40 or $50 and it could do it fairly quickly‘.

Murphy went on to say ‘the Gold Cartel and JP Morgan are starting to lose control of their manipulation of these low prices.  Morgan’s position is going to be exposed, they don’t have the metal to keep the prices down here!

Muphy continued: ‘This thing is gonna blow up.  Whether it’s a Madoff or an Enron, you never know when the thing’s gonna blow.  I stated previously that in August the launch would start.  The launch has started.
There is going to be a JP Morgan silver scandal to rival LIBOR.  They’ve been caught.  There are whistle-blowers that are going to do a Madoff on them.  This thing is going to explode, it’s going to be sensational, and MEGA!

Full interview below:
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