Jim Rickards: Prepare for Trump win & 2018 financial crisis

Jim Rickards is known for his big calls, and he’s not holding back ahead of next month’s US Presidential Election, predicting the price of gold could surge should Donald Trump emerge victorious.

“Markets are fully priced for Hillary; gold, stocks, everything is priced for a Hillary victory. If she wins, nothing happens because it’s already priced. But, if he wins gold will go up $US100 an ounce.”

However, while some investors could be preparing to leverage from a short term bounce, Rickards paints a darker picture for the long term.

The Economist and Author was interviewed by The Capital Network at ABC Bullion’s Custodian Vaults ahead of his book release, The Road To Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan For The Next Financial Crisis.

Rickards latest book attempts to warn readers about an impeding financial crisis; “I hypothesise a collapse in 2018 but it could happen tomorrow… and when it does, it will be worse than the last one.”

While the book makes reference to conspiracy theories and James Bond’s Spectre organisation, Rickards insists his theories are based on facts:

“I use science, complexity theory, behavioural economics and an applied mathematical tool called base theorem. It’s all explained in the book… it’s all backed up, it’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s very solidly based.”