Jesse Ventura: abolish both political parties

Slams mainstream media as “hired guns to push an agenda”

Jesse Ventura

Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura called for the abolition of the Democratic and Republican parties in an appearance last night on CNN, saying they are worse than violent warring street gangs.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Ventura did not hold back, urging that “We need to abolish the political parties,” and “Make them political action committees.”

As he does in his new book, the former Navy Seal compared the current two party US political system to the infamous Los Angeles street gangs the Bloods and Crips.

“They call the blue states Democrats, well that is also the colors of the Crips,” he explained. “Naturally, the Bloods’ color is red and the Republican states are called red states.”

“They’re worse,” Ventura continued. “Let me explain why they’re worse: The Crips and the Bloods, the street gangs, while they can be devastating to a certain small part of the population, the Democrips and the Rep-bloodicans, they affect everybody in this country.”

Ventura elaborated by explaining that the system has been corrupted by big money and both parties are bought and paid for, leaving no room for a third party to have any success.

Ventura suggested that presidential candidates should be “required to wear a NASCAR racing suit” to “show who owns them”.

The former Governor also had some choice words for the corporate media, for not scrutinizing the political system and instead concentrating on pap.

“I think it’s awful. It’s terrible. You know, the news used to be to report facts and allow you to make the decision. All these shows are nothing but opinion moderators. They’re hired guns to push an agenda. I think it’s horrible.” Ventura said.

“When our forefathers created this country, the media was supposed to be the fourth branch of government, the unwritten branch.” Ventura added.

“Their job was to keep track of what the other three were doing and report it to the American people so the American people could judge it accordingly. What you have now is nothing but a media with opinion and a media that I remember the death of Anna Nicole Smith. It was the headline for a month — a month. And yet the meat and potatoes of running our country gets cast aside because why? The media today is not in to reporting the news, they’re in to creating it, and that is very, very dangerous.”

“Because the light went on with “60 Minutes”. They found out the news could make money. So the bean counters came in. Now the news is nothing but entertainment. It’s done to get ratings.” Ventura urged.

“Where in the old days of Walter Cronkite, the news took a loss and they accepted that and they made up for it in their entertainment division. Not today. Today, the news is expected to get ratings and expected to generate money and that is horrible.” he added.

Ventura also revealed that he believes he has been banned from appearing on FOX News and MSNBC, and that Don Imus would not interview him because he had requested the radio host play a Rage Against the Machine song during the appearance.

Watch a portion of the interview here:
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In a further appearance on CNN this morning, Ventura repeated some of these key points, adding that voters would be encouraged to educate themselves more about candidates if party names, which are used in much the same way as gang symbols, were removed from ballots.

“The one simple reform would be on every ballot, don’t list the gang names or the gang symbols.” Ventura stated.

“They make it far too easy. If you’re conservative, you don’t have to know the candidate’s name. You walk in and look for Republican. If you’re a liberal, you don’t need to know the candidate’s name. You look for Democrat. How about removing all of that and just print the candidates’ names? Then, it becomes to the voter. The voter must then educate themselves. What does John Smith stand for? Make the parties like political action committees. They can still endorse the same as the teachers union, the police union, fire, whoever. They can endorse candidates. But let’s remove the party names from the ballots.”

Watch a portion of the interview below:
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Ventura will appear on the Alex Jones Show for a full hour today to discuss these issues in more detail, as well as his ongoing lawsuit against Navy SEAL Chris Kyle over Kyle’s claims that he punched Ventura in a bar for insulting a dead U.S. soldier.

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