Israel used depleted uranium in airstrike on Syria

Israel attacks Syria with depleted uranium

A senior Syrian official says Israel has used depleted uranium in its recent airstrike against the Jamraya Research Center in the outskirts of Damascus.

The official, who was present near the attack site on Sunday morning, told Russia Today that Israel used “a new type of weapon” during the airstrike.

“When the explosion happened, it felt like an earthquake,” the official, who asked not to be named, added.

“Then a giant golden mushroom of fire appeared. This tells us that Israel used depleted uranium shells,” the Syrian official said.

“Several civilian factories and buildings were destroyed. The target was just an ordinary weapons warehouse. The bombing is an ultimatum to us,” he added.

The Syrian official also refuted the claims by Western intelligence sources that the airstrike targeted transfers of weapons from the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah to Syria.

Jamraya Research Center had been targeted by another Israeli airstrike back in January.

The Sunday attack came shortly after Tel Aviv confirmed that its warplanes had hit another target in Syria on Friday.

On Saturday, US President Barack Obama said the Israeli regime has the right to launch airstrikes on Syria.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry has sent letters to the United Nations and its Security Council stating that Israel’s aggression shows the link between Tel Aviv and terrorist groups operating in Syria including the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.

Meanwhile, the anti-Syria countries including Turkey and several Arab states in the region have been mum on Tel Aviv’s acts of aggression against Syria.