Is Learning To Count Cards Really Beneficial?

Whether you are a gambler or not, you’ve like seen some movie, documentary, or TV show about someone or a group of individuals counting cards.

There is extensive research into the topic and you can find hundreds to thousands of videos, books, or informational articles online discussing the subject.

However, in most of this information, there is one important question that tends to get overlooked. And, that question is, is counting cards actually worth it?

You Don’t Have To Fully Learn

If you’ve seen those feel good casino movies about people counting then you’re likely under the impression that the skill is next to nearly impossible to master. You likely think that you need to memorize every card that’s been played and extrapolate which cards are left in the deck. While this might be the case with counting cards, you don’t have to go the entire way. You can simply use some advanced memory techniques to increase your chances of winning. Card counting basically centers around the aces and 10s. These are the cards that actually allow you to hit 21 and pay off at 3 to 2 odds.

Take this scenario for example – a lot of low-value cards are already on the table. The high-value cards like the 10s are still in the deck. This is when you’ll want to raise your bets because you know the odds off being dealt one of these 10s are going to be much greater now. If the scenario is different, you’ll just want to stick to minimum bets or sit out entirely.

Fully Learning Is Much Harder Than It Sounds

The above scenario sounds pretty easy, right? And, it is one that you can fully take advantage of when you are playing blackjack online at sites like link alternatif sbobet. However, this is just the start of counting cards. You’re also going to have to implement some kind of system that creates value for the high cards as well as the low cards. Most people use what is known as the hi-lo system and it usually assigns the values of cards 2 – 6 are +1, 10s or aces and face cards are -1, and the 7s, 8s, and 9s are 0. So, when the count is positive, you’ll be looking at a situation where the ratio of low to high cards is in your favor. That still sounds fairly easy because it is just a more complicated version of what was described above.

However, there is still more to counting cards than this. You have to remember that most casinos use multiple decks in a shoe. And, then there will be those situations where you have to convert the running counting to the true count, which is done by estimating the number of decks left in the shoe. From here, you will then divide the running count by the number you got from above and this will give you the true count. On top of all of this, you are still going to need to be keep up with all these numbers without looking like you are doing so.

Casinos Consider It Cheating

Even if you do learn to count cards, it is something that is deemed highly illegal. Sure, if you are good enough, you’ll be able to get away with it and make a fortune, but you’ve seen the movies. Even the best get caught eventually. That being said, online blackjack does open up a whole new prospect for the practice and might actually make it worth the effort.