Iceland: a silver bullet for the world economic crisis

Obama is in Mexico for yet another G20 meeting of the international socialist politburo.  We are told the discussions at the meeting are centered on theEuropean economic crisis.

arrest the bankers

The United States government is set to spend about $2.4 trillion this year.  The mainstream propagandists are telling us that if Spain and Greece fold on their debt, it will wipe out oureconomy.  Spain is in debt $2.4 trillion and Greece is in debt $553 billion.  These are not little numbers by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact remains the total is about $553 billion more than we spend in a year.

Considering we do not owe the Greek debt nor the Spanish debt, how could this relatively small amount wipe up out?  Are we a part of some kind of bizarre internationalinsurance pool wherein the guy across town totals his Volkswagen and we lose our farm?

This is all not but one big con.  Since when did we the people of the United States become responsible for the debts of other nations?  You will say we are not being told we have to pay that debt, but the fact is the central banks in Spain and Greece have already gotten billions in bailout moneys from the Federal Reserve borrowed in our names.

We are being told that the people of Germany are going to have to bail out Greece and Spain.  If so, what would any of it have to do with us?  Have we become nothing more than just another entry on an international elitist’s portfolio and when one of his stocks/countries loses wealth, the entire stock portfolio goes down?

I guess the US economy is going to have to completely crash before the US citizenry pulls its head out of the clouds and looks down to see the 101 elitist hands rummaging through its pockets.

Our debt, Spain’s debt, Greece’s debt, every debt of every country around the world has been created through what is an admitted fraud and all we seem to be able to do is listen to the thieves, who created the fraudulent debt, argue as to how we the peopleare going to pay to further finance it.

There is a silver bullet don’t you know.  It is right there in plain sight.  And every scum sucking one of these parasites that make up the insurgency in control of our government knows what that silver bullet is.  The fact is the silver bullet has already been used and has worked flawlessly.  But you will not hear about it through the mainstream banker owned propaganda machine.

So are you ready for the big secret?  Well here you go.

Iceland, on the verge of bankruptcy, fired the silver bullet.  They arrested the central bankers in their country, got rid of their central banks, and simply deleted the fraudulent debt that they did not owe, as it was created through an international criminal act.  And now the Icelandic economy is booming.  Go figure.

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God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.