How to Stay Warm and Fashionable This Winter: A Guide

Now that the cold weather of winter is fast approaching, as a fashion-conscious woman you will want to find ways of keeping your unique style visible throughout the season.

It can be so easy to become entirely consumed with wanting to stay warm that you feel as though you need to sacrifice on-trend patterns and colors for dull, thermal wear.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and, to give you a helping hand, this guide is going to give you three great ways of getting your groove back this winter and looking like you walked to work straight off the runway.

You deserve to look great all year long and, by following this advice, now you can.

Wrapping up in style

The first thing you need to sort out if you want to be cozy and fashionable this winter is the staple of the season- a gorgeous, winter coat.

Every time you go out on the street, your outfit will be covered by your coat, you need to make sure you invest in a piece that is bang on trend, fits perfectly, and gives you style without compromise.

You can discover great plus size coats in a huge range of styles, looks, and fabrics so that you are able to find something that really resonates with your personality. Having the perfect coat is the biggest step you can take to be both fashionable and functional this season.

The secret to a great look

Putting together great outfits can be a challenge during the winter months because you will often find the perfect outfit is ruined by having to throw a big jumper over it all just to keep warm.

The secret to getting over this problem is to learn how to create a layered look that offers the best of both worlds. For example, something simple and practical you can do is to wear a pair of tights or leggings underneath your favorite jeans so that you can wear them on even the coldest of days.

Find vests and socks that come in colors you like so that when layered underneath outfits they complement your look rather than appearing like something you had to put on just to stay warm.

Staying warm on the way to work

Of course, staying warm and stylish doesn’t just have to mean the clothes you wear.

One great way to keep warm on your way to work is to invest in one of the gorgeous coffee travel mugs you can find online that not only will give you a way to drink your tasty beverage on the commute, but can also be a perfect accent to any look you want to create.

As one of the most underrated accessories, there are actually lots of designer brands coming out with gorgeous coffee cups that will give you some class as you sit down to work.

Staying warm and stylish isn’t as difficult as you might think if you follow this great advice.