How to do Graphic Design in Photoshop – Simple Steps

This article introduces a series of graphic design techniques you need to know.

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The same applies when you want to come up with a perfect Photoshop layout. We are going to lay out how best you can work with layers, combining of images, using layer masks as well as adding creative graphics.

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While this can help a Photoshop novice begin to understand the basis of graphic design, it can take years to be able to use this program to a professional level. So if you are planning on using this program to create graphics for your business, it might be simpler to visit somewhere like this Graphic Design Studio in Belfast. They can create a quality graphics for you by using their expertise in graphic design. However, if you want to learn Photoshop for fun or just so you can do some simple editing then read on!

Let’s quickly walk you through the said simple steps.

Get to Know the Layers

This is the crucial part of creating a top-notch Photoshop image. Layers are simply building blocks that are on any Photoshop design.

Therefore, the first steps are to build layered designs. You can do so by creating a new layer for original artwork and then add one image to another. As go through the whole exercise you will surely become familiar with the layers’ panel. And you will quickly learn the fundamentals of working with layers for a perfect Photoshop image.

Easily Combine Images Using Layer Masks

This is the most flexible way that you can use to combine images. A layer mask will hide part of a layer so that it displays what’s on the layer below. You can use layer masks depending with the design of your choice. T

he crucial role played by layer masks is to replace a dull environment in one image with some crystal-clear image from another image. This depends with the kind of images you are using or online casinos real money games.

By so doing you then simply blend your artwork into the rest of the design. It is actually simple to come with a classic design.

Moreover, there are other affects you can use to make sure that your image reaches a certain level. Some of these effects include;

  • Vector graphics
  • Text and effects