How Long Until We Live in an Electric Car World?

The auto industry is changing. It may not be as exciting as the development of flying cars, submarine hybrids like in James Bond or fully driverless vehicles (though these could all become reality sooner than we think).

The current change sweeping auto manufacturers, drivers and dealerships is the electric car revolution. More and more are being spotted on our roads with the global electric car stock passing two million in 2016.

So how long will it be until we live in a fully electric car world?

2020: Growing Consumer Interest

There is already a growing consumer interest in electric vehicles with record sales being recorded over the past six years. Norway is leading the charge where nearly a third of all new vehicles sold in 2017 were electric cars. For China, France and the UK electric car sales made up about 1.5% of the market, though China does account for more than 40% of the world’s electric vehicles.

As consumer interest grows, manufacturers are already starting to produce more electric models, such as Peugeot preparing to launch an electric version of the 208 and 2008 by 2020. More electric car options for drivers both new and used should see market shares grow.

2040: Petrol and Diesel Bans

There are predictions that by 2025 one in six new cars will be electric. As consumer interest grows in China it will provide a big push for more electric vehicles in the world. In 2040 France and the UK have said they will stop the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles, with Norway and other countries pledging to do so earlier.

This will likely see a huge increase in electric cars over the following years and decades, as only non-electric models will be available on the second-hand market.

2060: Further Growth

By 2060 could we be living in an age when all cars are electric? Possibly, though there will still be drivers who remember and cherish their classic petrol and diesel models, taking them out for a spin every now and then.

Unless there’s an outright ban on driving them, then a fully electric car world may not have properly arrived. Though with fewer parts around to fix their problems, they could soon die out completely.

2100: All-electric Cars

With the world’s petrol and diesel supplies depleted, everyone has to drive around in electric cars. Although by this point it’s possible that cars will be fully self-driving too. Or if Elon Musk has his way, we’ll all be living on Mars with no need for cars anyway!