How effective are your email campaigns?

Email marketing can be your main channel of lead generation, if you get it right.

With marketing trends and industry changes constantly being introduced, it can be hard to keep up with most effective methods. For instance, did you know that automated emails generate 320% more revenue?

If you think your campaigns might be missing out on some of the key email marketing methodologies then it could be time for you to take some action to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. This infographic summarizes some of the key areas that are currently working successfully in the marketing industry.

Not everybody has the time to do research in the latest trends, especially if you’re busy running a business, so let the marketing specialists supply you with facts and the blueprints for success to help you to build successful email marketing campaigns for your business.

As you can see in the infographic, Segmentation of emails has proven to be a successful method, as opposed to the traditional ‘one size fits all’ type emails. Similarly, using data to personalize your emails will achieve a much higher click through rate. Use this eye-opening infographic to help shape your campaigns.

How effective are your email campaigns