How 5G will change how we use our phones

5G is coming and everyone needs to be ready. In fact majority of electronic companies have been ready for a number of years. Mobile phone manufacturers making sure their latest handsets can handle the technology.

Internet Service Providers making sure they can provide the technology at the cheapest cost. Similarly, companies that are based online must make sure they are ready for the increased traffic that this will ultimately produce.

In this article we look into just how 5G will change how we use our phones on a day to day basis.

First, let’s explain what 5G is. 5G is the next step in mobile broadband that will eventually be the replacement for everyone’s current 4G connection. As with the change between 3G and 4G, 5G will be an upgrade to how everyone is finding 4G on their mobile devices.

Not only will users have much faster download and upload speeds compared to their current speeds, the latency that they currently have to deal with will also dramatically decrease.

With this in mind, the way that consumers are currently using their mobile phone will change drastically. Many things that were mainly done at home over a Wi-Fi connection, will now be done wherever the user wants to.

Things like playing games, downloading files and gambling can now be accessible for more and more users. The scramble to download the next episode on Netflix before leaving for work, will be a thing of the past.

You will be able to binge to your heart’s content while on your way to work. The ability to be in two places at once will become more apparent, including being at lunch at work while also playing tables at your favourite bookmaker.

Phone app developers will also see a surge in work, as 5G will allow more and more powerful programmes to be added to phones. Not only for the quicker download speed, but we will see many more online functionalities come into play that just were not possible over 4G.

Things like real time processing for companies across multiple countries will become a regular occurrence and we could possibly see the end of actually having a work place to go to.

Mobile phones will become a walking talking computer/video games system/virtual reality handheld all in one.

We are seeing a rise of cloud based systems, such as Shadow and Google Stadia, which would normally be used over a Wi-Fi connection only. With 5G, these will be available everywhere, turning a smartphone into a top of the range gaming pc in one swoop.