Goldman Sachs takes over America and now Europe

While ordinary people fret about austerity and jobs, the eurozone’s corridors of power have been undergoing a remarkable transformation.

More and more emerges about the role of ruthless scam bank Goldman Sachs as the main tool of the bankster elite for a relentless, hostile takeover of a Luciferian one world government. This is done by their central banks practice through the creation of sovereign debt that can never be repaid. States are caught up in the debt quagmire – and so the banksters have taken over the U.S. and the EU, then liquidate the nation-states by the appointment of their agents as administrators of the States / ECB/ FED.

According to L’Osservatore Romano, Goldman Sachs has control over the Vatican through a hostile takeover. Anyway, the Vatican has since 1830 been financially dependent on NM Rothshild & Sons, London. In addition, Goldman Sachs is closely intertwined with the U.S. government and the EU.

Now, the EU has given Goldman Sachs and Co. an unlimited free hand to fleece taxpayers – through the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). It is a permanent facility to replace the temporary  Financial Stability Facility and the European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism once Member States, representing 90% of capital commitments have ratified, probably in July 2012.

The ESM is a contract of debt. . . . The authorized share capital must be 700bn €. (to be increased)
[Article 9]: “… ESM members commit themselves irrevocably and unconditionally to pay on demand any capital that is demanded of them … within 7 days of receipt of the request.”.
[Article 10]: “The Council of Governors may decide to change the authorized capital and Article 8.
[Article 27, lines 2-3]: “[Article 27, line 4]: “The property, funding and assets of the ESM shall . . . be immune  from every form of legal proceedings – as shall ESM property and assets, governors, deputy governors, directors and officials.
The ESM is an intergovernmental organization, not subject to laws – and not subject to reviewers.

On 21 December, the ECB “lent” € 489 billion to European banks at the extremely generous interest rate of only 1% over 3 years. But in reality, they simply accelerated the printing presses. The ECB does not have to borrow the money. It is further quantitative easing.

The money was swallowed up virtually instantaneously by a total of 523 banks. It is utter madness. The ECB hopes that the banks do something useful – such as lending to the Greeks, who pay a current 18% at the bond markets. That rate is doubling the debt over a period of 4 years. Article 123 of the Treaty of Lisbon forbids ECB to lend to governments.

Goldman Sachs and the financial technocrats have taken over the European ship. Democracy has gone out the window – we have been duped – by politicians and the media – and their owners, the bankster elite that squeezes the lifeblood out of our economies.

The result of the therefore imposed strict austerity measures is that the overall unemployment rate in the EU reached 10.2% in February, compared with 9.5% a year earlier. This means, 24.5 million Europeans are unemployed. In addition there are nearly 9 million people in the EU, who have been “under-employed” in 2011.

In the U.S.A., Goldman Sachs and FED officials have taken control. Their people have infiltrated the government and formed a United States Ltd. -like Germany / EU Ltd., the 4th Rothschild empire. In both the U.S. and the EU, the bankster-governments are used to drive the taxpayer into poverty in a variety of ways (taxes, CO2–taxes and fees to the banksters´ CO2 markets, bailouts, etc.) , at the same time as our purchased politicians are abolishing the social states in order to let our money go to the perpetrators instead of their victims.

As the CEO of Goldman Sachs says, he is doing “God’s work”, that is, if we agree with the German-Jewish writer and philosopher Heinrich Heine: “Money is the God of the Jews, and Rothschild is his prophet.” The chief owner of Goldman Sachs is said to be Lord Jacob Rothschild, and he and other members of the Rothschild family dominate the control consortium, which rules the money power of the planet. Goldman Sachs, like e.g. NM Rothschild in London and the Rothschild Bank in Berlin, own the U.S. Federal Reserve.

“11. Wars should be directed so that the nations engaged on both sides should be further in our debt.
12. Candidates for public office should be servile and obedient to our commands, so that they may readily be used. 13. Propaganda–their combined wealth would control all outlets of public information. 14. Panics and financial depressions would ultimately result in World Government, a new order of one world government.” Mayer Amschel Roothschild acc. to 
William Guy Carr, Pawns In The Game, privately printed, 1956 und hier.

Recently, I wrote about Germany Ltd., in reality a orporation that is controlled by powerful bankers to buy EU´s nation-states. The following is a more specific description of the actions by one of the main actors in this regard, strongly compromised and here Goldman Sachs – although there are other bankruptcy vultures in the game, of course.

Goldman sachs has taken over the Vatican
The Huffington Post 22 April 2012: L’Osservatore Romano is reporting that Goldman Sachs is indeed “Doing God’s work”, and His Former Holiness Joseph Ratzinger has confirmed the unsolicited hostile takeover (of the Vatican). Writing under his pen name Benedict XVI, Ratzinger verified that total control of the popular religion has been transferred to Goldman Sachs and Lloyd Blankfein. Since 1830, the Vatican has been dependent on N.M. Rothschild & Sons.

Blankenfein-goldman-sachsWho is behind Goldman Sachs and here?
Texe Marr 24 Sept. 2009: The official records of ownership show that, while much of Goldman Sachs´ stock is owned by the public, a controlling share is in private hands, held by a consortium, or pool, of just 221 persons. The chief owner, however, is Lord Jacob Rothschild, and he and other Rothschild family members dominate the consortium which reigns over the planet’s  Money Power. Goldman Sachs is its nucleus and tornadic eye and  Mr. Blankfein is the servant and deputy of Lord Rothschild, the fourth Baron of the Rothschild Dynasty.

Right, Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs. Indeed, he is doing “God’s Work“, as he says, that is, if we agree with the famed nineteenth century German Jewish writer and philosopher Heinrich Heine, who wryly observed, “Money is the god of the Jews, and Rothschild is his prophet.”

Global Research 1 June 2012: CPA Thomas D. Schauf corroborates McCallister’s claims, adding that ten banks control all twelve Federal Reserve Bank branches. He names N.M. Rothschild of LondonRothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy,Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York. Also see here and here.

Texe Marrs 24 Sept. 2009: The official records of ownership show that, while much of Goldman Sachs´ stock is owned by the public, a controlling share is in private hands, held by a consortium, or pool, of just 221 persons. The chief owner, however, is Lord Jacob Rothschild, and he and other Rothschild family members dominate the consortium which reigns over the planet’s  Money Power. Goldman Sachs is its nucleus and tornadic eye and  Mr. Blankfein is the servant and deputy of Lord Rothschild, the fourth Baron of the Rothschild Dynasty. Mr. Blankfein: “I’m doing God’s work.”
Indeed, he is doing “God’s Work;” that is, if we agree with the famed nineteenth century German Jewish writer and philosopher Heinrich Heine, who wryly observed, “Money is the god of the Jews, and Rothschild is his prophet.”

Goldman Sachs takes over the EU and here

Global Research 19 April 2012 by Ellen Brown who is an attorney and president of the Public Banking Institute. The Goldman Sachs coup that failed in America has nearly succeeded in Europe—a permanent, irrevocable, unchallengeable bailout for the banks underwritten by the taxpayers.

By December 2011, European Central Bank president Mario Draghi, former vice president of Goldman Sachs Europe, was able to approve a 500 billion Euro bailout for European banks without asking anyone’s permission.  And in January 2012, a permanent rescue funding program called the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) was passedin the dead of night with barely even a mention in the press.  he ESM imposes anopen-ended debt on EU member governments, putting taxpayers  on the hook for whatever the ESM’s Eurocrat overseers demand.

The bankers’ coup has triumphed in Europe seemingly without a fight.  The ESM is cheered by Eurozone governments, their creditors, and “the market” alike, because it means investors will keep buying sovereign debt.  All is sacrificed to the demands of the creditors, because where else can the money be had to float the crippling debts of the Eurozone governments?

First, a closer look at the nefarious under belly of the ESM and Goldman’s silent takeover of the ECB

The Dark Side of the ESM
The ESM is a permanent rescue facility
 slated to replace the temporary European Financial Stability Facility and European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism as soon as Member States representing 90% of the capital commitments have ratified it, something that is expected to happen in July 2012.
A December 2011 youtube video titled “The shocking truth of the pending EU collapse!” (video below), originally posted in German, gives such a revealing look at the ESM that it is worth quoting here at length.  It states:

ESM:  a treaty of debt. . . . The authorized capital stock shall be 700 billion euros.
[Article 9]: “. . . ESM Members hereby irrevocably and unconditionally undertake to pay on demand any capital call made on them . . . within seven days of receipt of such demand.”  . . . If the ESM needs money, we have seven days to pay. . . .
[Article 10]: “The Board of Governors may decide to change the authorized capital and amend Article 8 . . . accordingly.”  Question:  . . . 700 billion is just the beginning? The ESM can stock up the fund as much as it wants to, any time it wants to?  And we would then be required under Article 9 to irrevocably and unconditionally pay up?

[Article 27, lines 2-3]: “The ESM, its property, funding, and assets . . . shall enjoy immunity from every form of judicial process . . . .”
[Article 27, line 4]: “The property, funding and assets of the ESM shall . . . be immune from search, requisition, confiscation, expropriation, or any other form of seizure, taking or foreclosure by executive, judicial, administrative or legislative action.”  Question: . . . [T]his means that neither our governments, nor our legislatures, nor any of our democratic laws have any effect on the ESM organization?
[Article 30]:  “Governors, alternate Governors, Directors, alternate Directors, the Managing Director and staff members shall be immune from legal process with respect to acts performed by them . . . and shall enjoy inviolability in respect of their official papers and documents.”   Question:  They can’t be held accountable for anything? . . . The treaty establishes a new intergovernmental organization to which we are required to transfer unlimited assets within seven days if it so requests, an organization that can sue us but is immune from all forms of prosecution and whose managers enjoy the same immunity.  There are no independent reviewers and no existing laws apply?  Governments cannot take action against it?  Europe’s national budgets in the hands of one single unelected intergovernmental organization?  Is that the future of Europe?  Is that the new EU – a Europe devoid of sovereign democracies?

[youtube height=”400″ width=”550″][/youtube] The Goldman Squid Captures the ECB
Last November, without fanfare and barely noticed in the press, former Goldman exec Mario Draghi replaced Jean-Claude Trichet as head of the ECB.  Draghi wasted no time doing for the banks what the ECB has refused to do for its member governments—lavish money on them at very cheap rates.  French blogger Simon Thorpe reports:

On the 21st of December, the ECB “lent” 489 billion euros to European Banks at the extremely generous rate of just 1% over 3 years.  I say “lent”, but in reality, they just ran the printing presses. The ECB doesn’t have the money to lend. It’s Quantitative Easing again.

The money was gobbled up virtually instantaneously by a total of 523 banks. It’s complete madness. The ECB hopes that the banks will do something useful with it – like lending the money to the Greeks, who are currently paying 18% to the bond markets to get money. But there are absolutely no strings attached. If the banks decide to pay bonuses with the money, that’s fine. Or they might just shift all the money to tax havens.

At 18% interest, debt doubles in just four years.  It is this onerous interest burden, not the debt itself, that is crippling Greece and other debtor nations.  Thorpe proposes the obvious solution:

Why not lend the money to the Greek government directly? Or to the Portuguese government, currently having to borrow money at 11.9%? Or the Hungarian government, currently paying 8.53%. Or the Irish government, currently paying 8.51%? Or the Italian government, who are having to pay 7.06%?
The stock objection to that alternative is that Article 123 of the Lisbon Treaty prevents the ECB from lending to governments.  But Thorpe reasons:

My understanding is that Article 123 is there to prevent elected governments from abusing Central Banks by ordering them to print money to finance excessive spending. That, we are told, is why the ECB has to be independent from governments. OK. But what we have now is a million times worse. The ECB is now completely in the hands of the banking sector. “We want half a billion of really cheap money!!” they say.  OK, no problem. Mario is here to fix that. And no need to consult anyone. By the time the ECB makes the announcement, the money has already disappeared. The ECB bunch that now has their grubby hands on the instruments of power are now totally out of control.

Goldman Sachs and the financial technocrats have taken over the European ship. Democracy has gone out the window.Europeans are being hoodwinked into relinquishing their cherished democracy to a rogue band of financial pirates, and the rest of the world is not far behind.

Rather than ratifying the draconian ESM treaty, Europeans would be better advised to reverse article 123 of the Lisbon Treaty.  Then the ECB could issue credit directly to its member governments. Today the issuance of money and credit has become the private right of vampire rentiers, who are using it to squeeze the lifeblood out of economies. This right needs to be returned to sovereign governments. Some of you can send a Protest letter against the ESM to your parlamentarians here.

The fruit of EU´s austerity policy
EurActiv 23 April 2012: Overall unemployment in the EU hit 10.2% in February, up from 9.5% a year earlier, according to figures released by Eurostat in April. That means 24.5 million Europeans are without work.
To them come another almost 9 million people in the European Union considered “underemployed” in 2011, according to new Eurostat figures. In Greece, 58% of part-time workers declare themselves available for working longer hours. In Latvia, this percentage reaches 57%, in Spain 49% and in Cyprus 42%.

Infowars 15 April 2012 and Natural News 15 April 2012: A Venn diagram released by Harvard law professor 
and political activist Larry Lessig reveals the shocking connections between our government and banking and investment giant Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs was a major contributor to (and beneficiary of) the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis that helped initiate the current depression. The bank then proceeded to heavily avail itself ofbailout payments and other monetary assistance from the federal government.

In 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging that it had deceivedinvestors about the nature of one of its products, costing them a total of $1 billion.

Another striking example among several isRobert Rubin, who spent 26 years at Goldman Sachs, eventually becoming Co-Chief Operating Officer (COO), Co-Chairman, and a member of the Board. Months after leaving Goldman Sachs, he took a position as President Clinton’s Assistant for Economic Policy and head of the National Economic Council. Two years later, Clinton appointed him Secretary of the Treasury, a position he filled for another four and a half years. After leaving the Treasury Department, Rubin immediately returned to the financial sector and took a position with the megabank Citigroup.

In September 2008,  Henry Paulson , former CEO of Goldman Sachs – then Secretary of the Treasury – managed tp extort from Congress bailouts totalling 700 bn dollars for his bankster friends and in particular Goldman Sachs.

But to pull it off, he had to fall on his knees and threaten the collapse of the entire global financial system and the imposition of martial law; and the bailout was a one-time affair.  Paulson’s plea for a permanent bailout fund—the Troubled Asset Relief Program or TARP—was opposed by Congress and ultimately rejected.
One might say that seen from the perspective of the bankster elite it was also unnecessary since the FED and their national banks already had the US and its government solidly in ts net due to enormous sovereign debt.

However, Glen Beck of Fox news has a different view: Goldman Sachs has highjacked the US government – which is now totally interwoven with Wall Street – video below.

[youtube height=”400″ width=”550″][/youtube]

The US Congress was terribly threatened with the collapse of world economy and martial law if they failed to approve the bank bailouts to Wall Street

[youtube height=”400″ width=”550″][/youtube] We have seen how Goldman Sachs top officials were appointed prime ministers in Greece and Italy – their predecessor prime ministers being simply dismissed by the EU. Another Goldman Sachs official was appointed chief of the ECB. All to manage the crisis which was created by Goldman Sachs with irresponsible politicians. No wonder: The Rothschild Bank, Goldman Sachs, is taking over the world on behalf of its master, “doing God´s work”, as Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein says, buying the world for Rothschild and his elite. That means he is using Shylock´s “pound of Flesh method – thereby buying the power of endebted states. You might also say that this is obvious policy of the CIA product called the EU – the policy of the 4. Reich and here, the 4. Reich of Rothschild´s – by means of the NWO firm, Germany Ltd.

Goldman Sachs is a ruthless Rothschild bank which is speculating in driving food prices up so that LDC countries starve and here. Like master, like apprentice, Rothschild finds the time favourable to invest in food – buying farmland.