Fresh evidence shows UK troops ‘systematically tortured’ Iraqis

UK troops torturing Iraqi's

Shocking fresh testimonies to be heard at the British High Court would bring up new charges of violating international law over the torture and unlawful killing of Iraqi prisoners against British troops.

This time, the British military stands accused of carrying out a “systematic torture” policy against Iraqi prisoners including shocking testimonies alleging sexual abuse and torture of Iraqi prisoners and their families by British armed forces between 2003 and 2008.

The hearing will be started on 29 January for three days, when the statements of 180 Iraqi prisoners and their family members, who claim they are victims of abuse, will be presented to two judges presiding over the court of London.

In the statements, British troops and intelligence officers have been accused of carrying out unlawful interrogation practices including hooding and the use of “stress positions”, sexual abuse, beating and religious abuse of illegally detained prisoners.

Meanwhile, in some cases, the testimonies allege that the torture led to the death of the prisoner.

One of Britain’s leading civil rights lawyers, Phil Shiner, has compiled the statements mostly in Lebanon, where he has met with victims and their relatives.

Shiner founded the Public Interest Lawyers group in Birmingham to deal with these cases and to demonstrate that Britain broke international laws of war by pursuing a policy of “systematic torture”.

“Khalid”, a detained Iraqi civilian gave a shocking testimony: “[A British soldier] grabbed my p**** and dragged me around the floor while holding it. He also made me squat up and down whilst naked … I would have preferred to have been killed than subjected to this.”

Another inmate named Halim spoke of sacriligious words used to address Islam while a soldier used him as a sexual object.

“I was so upset but he spat in my face. He kicked me and started slapping me,” he added.

Public Interest Lawyers group has called for a public inquiry into what is presented as “an orgy of sadism, outlawed interrogation methods and unlawful killings by soldiers and intelligence officers against Iraqi civilians and prisoners of war between 2003 and 2008.”

UK troops torturing Iraqi civilians